With summer just around the corner, it could be that you are nervous about having to bare all on that beach somewhere warm and sunny you are going with your girlfriends or significant other.  As ladies, even the least self-conscious of us find summer an especially hard time to manoeuvre through – particularly if we have gotten used to covering up in colder months and have not been as attentive to our figure as we would hope.

Even if there are only a few weeks left until summer officially kicks off, you can still turn things around and feel more confident shedding those winter and spring layers you’ve been hiding under, but it will require some work.

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If you’ve been single for a while, it can be quite nerve-wracking to be asked out on a first date. One of you needs to come up with a great idea for an activity that you’ll both enjoy. When you don’t know each other very well, this can be quite a hard challenge! Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of great ideas for a first date that will be good fun for you both.

Dinner or drinks at a bar are the most popular ways to spend the first date. But it’s tricky to talk when you’re in a noisy pub or when you have a mouth full of food! To overcome this problem, choose a meal that requires very little chewing. Ravioli rather than steak means you’re more likely to have an opportunity to promptly answer a question from your date.

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It is good to have a style in mind and something to aspire to when you are planning on growing a beard, so that it does not end up looking a mess.  Below we have put together some of who we feel are the hottest celebrity guys and their very sexy beards.  Obviously if you want to achieve these looks you need to have the patience, determination and accessories such as beard trimmers to spend time regularly trimming it and shaping it.  For now, look through the following and see if you can find the right look for you.Continue reading

Happiness is the secret to all beauty. Life isn’t complicated, all we need to do is smile through our troubles. As ridiculous as this may sound, it actually works. No trouble that you face is going to last forever. There’s n point in stressing. So, no matter what the situation, always be optimistic and try to have a little smile in your heart. If however, you find that it is all getting a bit too much for you to handle, then here are a few things that you could try.Continue reading