Whether you’re at university, a recent graduate or are working full time, it’s fair to say that everyone likes a little bit of glamour. Life can sometimes feel like an uphill slog, so the ‘treat yo’self!’ attitude has never been so relevant until now. However money, or lack of, can often put a stopper in our plans. The average university graduate will leave education with over £40,000’s worth of debt. The average 20-29 year old earns £20,900 a year (before tax is taken off). That might not seem like a bad figure, but the full average salary in the UK comes in at £27,600. Feeling ripped off yet?Continue reading

Home security is a big market in the UK and overseas. Many of us have upgraded from wooden doors and windows to UPVC, which usually come with pretty secure locking systems, and many homeowners have installed a sensor-based security system with a flashing box at the front of the property to act as a deterrent. As it stands today, that’s probably the minimum effort householders should go to in order to comfortably secure their homes.Continue reading