So you have been dating for a long time, everything seems to be going swimmingly, yet you are still waiting for him to ask you that all important question. Will You Marry Me? Four short words, yet he is taking a suspiciously long time in getting round to saying them. Then the doubts creep in. Is he the man for me? Is he biding his time before he meets somebody else? Does he really love me? You have spent time lavishing him with love and some fabulous gifts, but you still aren’t sure he feels the same about you as you do about him.

While we can’t tell you whether your man loves you or not, there are some signs you should look out for that may put your mind at ease. So while you are teasing him with the celebrity engagement trends of 2017 in the hope he will take the hint, these are the signs that will confirm he probably does love you, he just hasn’t plucked up the courage to ask you those special words you have been waiting for.Continue reading

If you feel disappointed with the appearance of your house then join the club. We’ve all seen those TV shows and watched with envy as professional interior designers do an outstanding job of turning somebody’s humble abode into a jaw-dropping palace which appears to have doubled or tripled in value. Of course, renovating a home takes time, money, and an abundance of stamina… surely?Continue reading

Catalogues are the modern face of online shopping. If you haven’t used them before, then you are missing out on a whole bunch of great stuff. Basically, a catalogue points you to where what you need is and allows you to grab it quick. There are tons of diverse catalogues in the UK, and you just need to identify one that fits in with your description of the perfect middleman in your shopping endeavors.Continue reading

Whether you’re old, young, upscale, or down-home, handbags and other accessories are a part of life.  They carry our keys, hide our snacks, and offset our outfits to make them truly pop on a night out.  However, there are times when “brand new” isn’t exactly what we are looking for.  Some of us love vintage accessories and that means we have to go searching for that must-have handbag from our favorite designer at a price we can more reasonably afford.Continue reading

Research and development costs are the costs a company sets aside for development and enhancement of their product. For example, a mobile phone company may set aside funds to enhance their products, whether we are talking its physical aspects or software to improve
sales. It can also include research on ways of improving what they already have. Most R&D costs are high and may make the current profit plummet but there is always a profit to look forward to in the long run. Some governments, like the UK government, give cash rewards to companies that invest in enhancing their products and services. For more information visit reading