3 Reasons to Choose Artificial Plants Over Organic Ones

Improving curb appeal is on trend this year inspiring homeowners to do more than they ever have with their yards. The design and installation of traditional yards is expensive, it’s time-consuming to maintain and it takes a certain amount of skill to keep the look you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

With new technology in the creation of artificial trees, plants and flowers there’s little that cannot be achieved. They can be utilized indoors and out with equally effective results. The best artificial trees, plants and flowers are made of an industrial strength Polyblend with UV resistant foliage that enhances the home’s aesthetic appeal year round. It is pliable, durable and has a solid steel construction that won’t fade or become damaged regardless of the environmental conditions it’s placed in.

Polyblend is a quality plastic material that is environmentally safe, fire resistant and made to withstand the ravages of wind, ice, sun and people. For those considering including artificial landscape in their yards, it’s important to research which products on the market today will be worth the price (https://autographfoliages.com/polyblend/)

The 3 Best Reasons to Utilize Artificial Plants in Landscaping

  1. Savings in Cost and Time

Many people are out of their depth when it comes to landscape design. However, hiring a professional in the field can be extremely expensive, especially when it comes to long-term maintenance. Additionally, the cost of annual fertilizer applications, gardening tools and continual watering adds up quickly. With artificial vegetation, however, all you have to do is put the items in place then enjoy the look year after year. When evaluating the choice between artificial and organic landscaping based on time and money, it makes sense to select the option that is self-sustaining.

  1. The Options in Artificial Vegetation Available

Unlike the standard artificial silk flowers of yesteryear that faded in the sun and lost their color in the rain, today’s blends ensure a long-life. Just as the materials they’re made from have improved over time, so have the choices. Everything from trees to hedges and flowers to sod can be found on the market today. Additionally, artificial vegetation is an excellent option for homeowners that live in hard-to-water areas and harsh climates.

Artificial outdoor trees and shrubs are available either potted or un-potted. That allows potted forms to be placed, as is, on patios or decks while un-potted ones can be buried in the ground just like regular trees. Other than the fact that one is artificial and the other is organic, the other main difference is that one is put in the ground already full-size. Whether you’re landscaping the whole yard or just a corner to see how you like it, you’ll be thrilled with the outcome.

  1. Landscaping Ease Using Artificial Trees, Plants, Flowers and Sod

Utilizing artificial trees, plants, flowers and sod are right on trend. It serves as a realistic solution for businesses as well as busy families and is fairly easy to install. Trees, flowers and plants are installed the same way.

First, measure the height of the stem or trunk to be buried then dig a hole equal to the measurement and a little wider than the stem or trunk. Wrap heavy gauge wire around the base to be buried leaving several inches of wire sticking out on either side. With smaller plants and flowers a nail can be driven through the base instead. Pour cement into the hole and install the plant or tree securing it so it dries erect.

If you think you might want to move things around from time-to-time, order the potted variety. In that case, dig holes that are slightly larger and deeper than the pot. It’s weight so the plants and trees will remain erect. Fill in around the pot as well as around the stem or trunk with dirt and pack it in firmly. To finish off the look just add a wood mulch over the top.

It’s important to remember that over time, artificial plants, flowers and trees will degrade. With the new technology used during the manufacturing process, it’s slower and takes longer, but it will still happen. Still, your yard should look fantastic for around 10 years.

You need to wash the plants regularly in order to remove oils, dirt and residue that can cause them to degrade faster. Normal rainfall in many areas alone is adequate. For those that live in areas with lower rainfall, however, hosing them down regularly will suffice. Additionally, even though limbs may bend under the weight and stress of snow, ice and wind, they are easily bent back into place. Turf averages between $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot and installed will average between $5 and $20 per square foot nationally. The total cost of the project will depend on the type of vegetation you select. The outcome is totally up to you.