3 Security Gadgets Shaping The Future Of Home Security

Home security is a big market in the UK and overseas. Many of us have upgraded from wooden doors and windows to UPVC, which usually come with pretty secure locking systems, and many homeowners have installed a sensor-based security system with a flashing box at the front of the property to act as a deterrent. As it stands today, that’s probably the minimum effort householders should go to in order to comfortably secure their homes.

As technology has progressed, home security systems have advanced too. Here are some of the latest gadgets to consider for your home:

Nest Cam

Google’s Nest Cam is a Wi-Fi controlled camera which you can place inside your home and monitor via your smartphone. With various applications, you can access the camera 24/7, immediately and remotely move the camera around to look around the room, speak to pets, other household members, or even potentially burglars, and it will even alert you to unexpected movement or sound. With creative minds like Google behind it, it won’t be long before this product evolves again, but in the mean-time, £159 for the basic package is well worth the investment.


Although not yet technically on the market, it won’t be long before the i-Bell gets enough funding to launch. This interactive doorbell is again remotely controlled via Wi-Fi through your smartphone. There is a camera in place to enable you to see, and potentially photograph or record, anyone who comes to your door. It also has the ability to allow you to speak to them, so if you have an unexpected delivery, or if, indeed, you see someone undesirable at your front door, you can warn them that you’re calling the police and have a photo of their face. Prices aren’t yet available for this but it’s likely that they’ll be at a similar cost to the Nest Cam.

August smart lock

There are lots of companies working on smart door locks and August currently have one of the best. The smart lock allows you to control the locks on your doors remotely from your smartphone. So if you need to let your cleaner in, or your children when they get home from school, you can easily control this wherever you are. The product is $249 and August say it can be installed pretty quickly into most existing doors.

There are so many products available, or coming out soon, that future home security is going to be pretty smart. If you need advice on how to best protect your home, contact your local locksmith to help. If you’re in East Anglia and need a locksmith in Norwich, Norfolk or North Suffolk, give City Locks Norwich a call and we’ll be happy to give you advice and support to improve your home security.