3 Top Tips For Christmas Shopping This Year

Christmas time is upon us, and you know what that means: days and days of panic shopping. Well, it would be if it wasn’t for the three top tips we’re about to share with you. So, before you storm off into town to buy everyone you know the best gifts they’ve ever seen (only to come home with twelve bath sets and a pair of socks), here are our top tips.

Schedule Breaks

Although neither time nor Christmas can be stopped, there’s no need to rush around or stress yourself out to the point where you’re not even enjoying the holiday season anymore. This Christmas, make sure you make enough time for self-care, instead of focusing on everybody else all the time.

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Write a List

Now before you head off into town or start typing ‘last minute Christmas gifts’ frantically into your search bar, you absolutely must write a list. Task management and to-do list technology have come along way since the days of writing the names of everyone you know on the back of an envelope, so there are no excuses.

Once you’ve listed everybody who you plan to buy gifts for, try adding in some of the things these individuals like or hobbies that they take part in. This way, when your mind goes blank and you forget who your closest friends and family even are whilst stood in the shops, you’ll be able to reference the list and see what sort of things you need.

The Nope Face

When you finally leave the house to attempt Christmas shopping it is crucial that you maintain a mentality of ‘Do Not Disturb’. Whilst you’re out and about you are going to run into charity recruiters, market researchers, company representatives and probably a few fellow customers who absolutely will fight you for the last Bayliss & Harding gift box. So, you must put on an unapproachable façade.

We call this The Nope Face, as everything about how approachable you are comes down to your facial expression. There’s no need to be rude or aggressive, but by looking determined, focused and a little bit stern you’re less likely to get stopped. Bonus points if you wear headphones and/or carry your own clipboard.

These tips may not seem like much but when used together we guarantee these pointers will make for your most productive Christmas yet.