4 Party Themes for Your Next Get-Together

Everyone loves a good party. No matter what season it is, it’s always a good time to get together with friends, talk, and enjoy each other’s company. If you’re looking for some simple and creative ideas for your next bash, take a look at these entertaining suggestions that will have you and your friends celebrating all year long.

Outdoor Movie Party

Are you waxing nostalgic thinking about watching a movie under the stars at the drive-in theater? Get your friends together and host an outdoor movie party in your very own backyard.

First, get the essentials. You need a good projector, screen, and sound system.  You may even be able to rent these items. Then create a fun, carnival-like atmosphere for your party. Search for old movie reels or vintage movie posters to frame and display to really set the mood.  Set up a station with various flavors of popcorn and drinks for guests to enjoy.  Put up signs at the entrance of your party that share the name of the movie you are playing.

Don’t forget to put out blankets, cushions and bug spray so your guests can watch the movie in comfort.

Travel-Themed Party

If you’re always thinking about your next adventure and have a bucket list of things to do and destinations you want to visit, a travel-themed party is the perfect party for you to host.

Begin by sending out boarding pass themed invites to your guests.  Take the time to visit used bookstores for travel books to display at your party.  Set out globes – they make the perfect centerpiece for tables.  Display some old suitcases or an old Polaroid camera to continue the vibe. Hang maps of the world on the walls and mark the places you have visited and the destinations you are hoping to see.

Casino Night

For those who may love a Las Vegas vacation full of glitz and glamour, hosting a casino night is the next best thing.  Hosting a casino night and playing poker with friends is a lot of fun.  If you live in a large city, you can hire some experienced dealers to run tables for your party.  If you don’t have access to dealers or don’t want to foot the bill, have some friends volunteer to act as dealers.  Make sure everyone knows the rules to each game before you get started.  Find places that rent out casino equipment, such as blackjack and poker tables. Las Vegas casinos hone in on themes, so select a theme for your casino night. Consider trying to replicate Caesar’s Palace by transforming your game room into Rome.  If that isn’t up your alley, aim to make your home look more like Paris or New York, New York.

Alice in Wonderland Party

A whimsical wonderland tea party is one your guests will love.  Create an atmosphere in your garden by sitting out floral teacups and saucers embellished with flowers and strings of pearls.  Search local stores for things to use as charming accents such as brooches, vintage pocket watches, an old jewelry box, and skeleton keys to add to the effect.

To really make your guests feel like they are in Wonderland, serve small glass bottles with ‘Drink me’ tags and cupcakes labeled with ‘Eat me’ tags.  Take well-known quotes from the book and write them on signs to display throughout the garden and welcome your guests to your very own wonderland.

Hosting a fabulous soiree is a lot of fun, but extends beyond simply serving some food and drinks.  No matter what you do, always remember that your event will be the most successful if you stay relaxed and enjoy yourself too.