5 Productive Ways to Deal with Stress

For many, stress is an unavoidable part of life. Work, familial responsibilities, social obligations –– they’re all stressful in their own way. For people who feel constantly overwhelmed by their to-do list, the idea of reducing stress might seem far-fetched, fanciful. However, even if you can’t realistically cut back on the pressures of your daily life, there are still healthy ways that you can deal with stress. In fact, any one of these five tips will help you manage stress in a productive way:

Express Yourself

There’s no honor to “suffering in silence.” Rather, if you’re upset about something, you need to voice your opinion –– particularly if you’ve felt angry or frustrated for a long time. Bottling your emotions up will only exacerbate the strain you’re experiencing.  


Of course, exercise will help you maintain physical fitness. In addition, though, it can provide a much needed emotional release for stressed-out individuals. You can indeed walk yourself happy! There’s nothing quite like a vigorous workout to ease tension and get you focused on the tasks at hand.


Everyone needs a break from time to time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high-octane professional or a single mother, delegating tasks to others will help you cope and relax. Maybe you can get a trusted employee to write up a report on a new type of CTAD tube for you. Or perhaps you could ask a neighbor to babysit your kids for the night. However you ultimately choose to delegate, make sure that you do so when you run out of energy.

Get Creative

Some people achieve amazing feats while under heavy stress. While we’re not saying that you should welcome or court stressful situations –– because you shouldn’t –– you can nevertheless use the frustration you feel to great creative effect. Start a journal or a blog just for yourself, or, if you’re artistically inclined, try painting or sculpting. Many tremendous artists have used their work to alleviate some personal demons.

Reward Yourself

If you’re going to expend the time and energy fretting over a project, event, or assignment, the least you can do is reward yourself for your own hard work when you finish it. Sure, not everyone around you will express appreciation for your efforts, but you should never lose sight of your personal accomplishments. Conquering a stressful task is an achievement in and of itself, and you should always celebrate your victories –– no matter how trivial they might seem to others. Remember that little successes add up over time, and that your efforts are worthwhile!