5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

Whether you in a relationship, married, or cohabiting, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether your relationship is just going through some short-term issues, or whether it would be better to end the relationship. That’s why it is important to learn the signs that show that your relationship might be over.

You avoid spending time together

Spending time together is the most important aspect of a relationship, and if you are both intentionally avoiding spending time together then this can be one of the biggest signs that your relationship could be in trouble. If you are not spending much time with your partner, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Are we choosing not to spend time together or is it forced upon us?

Sometimes couples will not be able to spend much time together due to external circumstances such as demanding jobs, working shifts at different times of the day, childcare commitments, and other reasons.

How do I feel when I spend time with my partner?

If you mainly feel negative emotions, such as anxiety, boredom and distraction while you are around your partner, regardless of what you are doing, then there is a serious issue with your relationship. However, if these feelings are situational, such as when you do a particular activity together, then your relationship may not be the problem.

You can’t talk about issues in your relationship without it turning into an argument

Most issues in a relationship can be fixed if you are both open to talking about the issues like adults and if you don’t become defensive. In fact, the couples in the strongest relationships will often have issues, but they resolve their issues in a non-confrontational way. However, if you cannot have a discussion about any relationship issues without the discussion turning into a shouting-match, or becoming overly-emotional then it is unlikely that you will be able to resolve any of your relationship issues and they will continue to get worse.

You don’t talk about your days with each other

While this may seem like a minor issue, being able to talk about the good things and the bad things that have happened throughout your day is an extremely important in a relationship, as it is these small conversations that show you care about how your partner is feeling. This is one of the biggest signs on this list, as if you don’t care about how your partner feels after their day at work, or they don’t care about yours, then this means that they are unlikely to care about other aspects of the relationship.

You feel happier when you are alone

Unless you are a very introverted person, feeling happier when your partner is not around is a very bad sign, especially if being around other people generally makes you feel happy. You need to think carefully about why you feel unhappy around your partner, is it just because they are struggling with issues that can be resolved such as stress and depression, or does their personality as a whole make you unhappy. If it is a the former, the relationship can be saved, if it is the latter then it is unlikely that anything will ever change.

You constantly think about breaking up

Constantly thinking about breaking up or getting a divorce is one of the main signs that you should, in-fact, break up. While, in most relationships, you may occasionally think about breaking up, or what it might be like to be single again, if you find yourself thinking about breaking up with your partner over a period of months, then it might be the best decision to end the relationship so that you can both find happiness.
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