5 Tips for Turning a House Into a Home

Millennials are constantly on the move. Indeed, they tend to rent more often than their predecessors (members of Gen X and Baby-Boomers) and they have accounted for a disproportionate amount of “migration” during the past decade. In other words, young people often find themselves moving to new living quarters. However, whether you’re moving into your third new apartment in three years, or you’re making the switch for the first time in decades, these five tips will help anyone turn a house into a home. 

Invest in Quality Furniture

People spend roughly a third of their life asleep and in their bed. Given that fact, it’s important to invest in a quality mattress. Cheaping out here can leave you feeling disgruntled and agitated. Similarly, if you’re moving into a new home, consider purchasing comfortable furniture. No, you don’t have to buy the most expensive sofa on the market, but you shouldn’t have big problems with it either. 

Change the Color Scheme

While some renters may not be able to paint their apartments or houses, new homeowners can and should take the opportunity to change up the color scheme in their house. Colors have a big effect on mood and energy levels, so don’t overlook the painting process if you’re looking to break in your new digs. 

Start a Project

If you really want to establish a connection with your new home, then it’s a great idea to start a project in conjunction with your move in-date. Plant a garden, learn a new recipe, read a book you’ve had on your list forever –– doing any of these things will help you ease into your new environment. 

Treat Yourself

Everyone has their own preferences and needs when it comes to their personal space. Some may value an effervescent bathroom with exotic bubble-bath lotions and an array of perfumes and deodorants; others may require a home office renovation that includes the installation of multiple monitors and an auxiliary WiFi connection. Regardless of whatever “your thing” is, don’t be afraid to treat yourself with creature comforts that are important to you.

Make Memories

What better way to christen the new chapter of your life in your new home than to throw a party with your closest friends and relatives? The reality is that it takes time for a house to truly become a home, but the sooner you get started making fun, meaningful memories in your new space with the people you most care about, the sooner you’ll come to love your new living arrangements. Plus, this will give you an excuse to rake in some sweet house-warming gifts in the meantime!