6 ways to avoid any hen party stresses

If you’re either the organiser of a hen party or the bride to be then you may be concerned about various aspects of being in charge of a really important event. With venue, cost, invitations and itinerary to think about as well as wanting all those who come along have the time of their lives, it can quickly feel a bit stressful.

Don’t worry though as here are the top 6 ways to avoid stress and head out for the night of a lifetime.

  1. Only include what the bride wants

If the lucky lady at the centre of the party really doesn’t want to head for a boozy weekend at a European city then the organiser has to respect her wishes and arrange something closer to home. Similarly, if the thought of going to a spa for the day really isn’t vibrant enough then it’s all about finding alternatives she’ll enjoy.

2. Define who is in charge

The old saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ is never more appropriate than when it comes to arranging a hen party. If everyone has their say nothing will be organised and there’s the distinct chance of duplicated arrangements and unfortunate communication misunderstandings. No more than three should be delegated the task of planning the event; the chief bridesmaid or maid of honour and one or two others is more than enough.

3. Add excitement to a ‘simple’ party

If it’s been decided to spend the night at home with pizza and a film, add to it with hen-themed games and accessories such as cups, napkins and even banners. Games such as hen bingo always go down a storm;  there’s a huge range of ideas at http://www.mypartymonster.co.uk/hen-night-party and don’t forget a sash and tiara for every guest!

4. Tailor the event to the guest list

You may be wanting to head to a strip club and then dance until 4am but what about everyone else – in particular the bride? If you’re making a day of the occasion it’s vital you include activities which everyone will enjoy at least some of. Some guests would love to have time with their best friends making chocolates during the day and then head home whereas others will be looking forward to the glitz and glamour of the evening so consider splitting the day in two to cater for all.

5. Why only a party on 1 date?

If your guests really are divided on what they would be happy being part of, then how about two hen events? Organise a day of perhaps quieter events for mum, nan and the future mother in law – a pamper session and the evening at the theatre and then a pub crawl for those wanting to don their sequinned dresses and stilettos. It’s a great way for everyone to come to at least one party if they couldn’t make it if it was all on one date.

6. Allow time for it all

If you’ve a list of activities throughout the day, leave lots of time in between each on. Don’t feel you have to rush from the beauty salon to the restaurant and then onto the bars. Give everyone time to enjoy themselves, relax and feel refreshed between activities. If there’s time to be killed, ensure you’re near a bar or somewhere to indulge in some retail therapy.