7 Reasons Why You Should Never Pluck Out Grey Hair

Like other parts of the body, hair ages too. Other than shedding and hair loss, aging results in greying of the hair strands. However, it is not outright a cause of age, because even young people can have grey hair strands for different reasons.

What do you do when you notice grey hair strands on your hair? Is it wise to pluck out the grey hair strand(s)? As tempting as it might be to want to pull out the grey hair strands you spotted on your head, here are seven reasons why you should avoid this habit and instead use the best hair clippers if need be:

Hair plucking is not a permanent solution

Plucking out a couple or two of your grey hair strand is only a temporary solution that will gratify your immediate need. However, you must remember that hair is more than what protrudes from the scalp, which means that the hair strand is grey from its root. As a result, the hair follicle will grow back as grey hair.

As much as you may not increase the growth of grey hair by plucking out one, you are neither reducing it. The same hair grows back to grey, and with age, you will spot more grey hairs.

Affects your hair texture

Have you noticed that after every shave your hair grows back in a different texture? Plucking out the grey hair strands you see on your head will end up messing the consistency of your hair texture, meaning that part of your hair will have a different texture from the other parts.

Ideally, for all hair types, hair that grows back tends to be wiry and inconsistent with the rest of your hair.

Damages your hair roots

Hair is generally painful to pluck out from your head, which is why hair clippers and hair trimmers are used to cut down hair. Plucking out your hair teases your scalp, which translates to pressure in your hair roots that are responsible for hair growth.

Damaging your hair roots derails the hair growth cycle because your hair roots are incapable of taking up required nutrients from your body for regrowth. The danger lurks in permanently affecting the hair growth of those specific hair strands, which renders you hairless on patches of your head.

It is a waste of time

Just because you can spot grey hair at the front of your head does not mean that is all the grey hair you have. Ideally, if your grey hair is due to aging, you are likely to encounter more greying over the years, which means it is a total waste of time to run after a few grey hair strands when you should be anticipating more.

Doesn’t it take such a long time to single out grey hair strands? There are better things to do than sorting out grey hairs to pluck out. Besides, since plucking out the hair is not a permanent solution, you will always need to keep plucking after every significant growth, to maintain your lie.

Plucking hair strands might hurt your scalp

Your scalp is very sensitive especially because it also houses the part of your body that has a brain. Plucking out hair is painful because it is a force applied against the deeply rooted hair follicles, which can hurt your scalp.

Constant manipulation and obsession with hair plucking might put your scalp at risk for ingrown hairs, itchy surface, and pimples, all of which are uncomfortable to live with.

People are embracing grey hair

Before you can pick up hair plucking as your habit, you must know that times are quickly changing. People are adopting new and extreme hair colors like yellow, pink and green in pursuit of fashion.

Grey hair is no longer something to shy off from today. People all over the world, especially celebrities, are intentionally embracing their grey manes, with young people even coloring their hair grey, so why should you pluck out yours?

There are better options to deal with greying hair

If greying is such a big deal for you and you feel uncomfortable with it, there are so many options you can choose. Instead of plucking them out, consider coloring and dying it frequently in a salon or at home.

Better still, there are various hair tools like scissors, hair clippers, trimmers, among others, that can get the job done for you. Cutting is a much safer option because it does not jeopardize your scalp of hair roots.


Hair is beautiful whether black, red, blonde or grey. The fashion and beauty industries have changed the perception of beauty so that color does not define it. Embrace your mane as it is, and soon enough, you will realize that no one else is bothered by your grey hair strands.