7 Timeless Pieces Every Woman Needs

Nobody gets to choose your style instead of you, but if you want to look amazing every single time you walk out of the house, there are certain fashion rules that you have to follow. Sometimes, this might mean stepping out of your comfort zone, but if you wear everything with pride and self-confidence, you can rock any look. One thing that many women don’t understand is that looking stylish and fashionable doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars on clothes – it simply means making good combinations with the clothes that you already have. And these are the 7 timeless pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

1. Little black dress

Audrey Hepburn definitely likes this, especially because she made it so much popular. Having at least one little black dress in the wardrobe is the imperative. First of all, it’s not only because this dress is timeless and appropriate for every single event, it’s also because black never goes out of fashion. Certainly, you are allowed to experiment with different patterns and colors, but make sure to always go back to black, as Amy Winehouse would say.

2. A pair of good stilettos

If Carrie Bradshaw taught us something, that’s how to always go back to your ex who treated you awfully and that a good pair of shoes is a girl’s best friend. Now, you definitely should have some of the most popular summer shoes that are extremely fashionable, but since it’s autumn, well, you’ll probably have to leave them in the wardrobe waiting for the next year. However, there’s something that you’ll always be using – actually every time the chance comes, regardless of the season. That’s a good pair of killer stilettos, because every time you go out, you need to be dressed to kill.

3. A bag for every opportunity

Another thing that’s extremely important for every woman is the kind of bags she’s wearing. It simply doesn’t do to look like a million dollars head to toe and then have a handbag that’s simply not very representative. That is why it’s important to invest in a good bag that you will be able to wear for many occasions and opportunities, such as scenic bags or totes (which are huge right now). On the plus side, if you know what kind of bag you want but have no idea where to get it, you can always browse some of the most fashionable handbags online and order that way. You will definitely save time as you won’t be visiting every single store to find exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Wow with a suit

Every woman needs to know how to pull off an elegant red-carpet dress, but also a good female suit. Take the example of Meghan Markle, who wowed us with her latest chic cigarette suit that you simply have to steal from her. Surely you won’t be wearing it on a daily basis, but it would be a great game changer to wear it at a certain wedding or a celebration of a sorts.

5. Eco-friendly dresses

The fashion industry constantly changes, but one of the most important changes is the fact that it’s constantly trying to find ways to be eco-friendly. This means that being fashionable doesn’t only mean having the newest clothes, but actually paying attention to what kind of products you buy. Having at least one or two eco-friendly dresses will certainly put you on the list of the most fashionable people in your area – not because you dress well, but because you follow fashion trends, and being green is one of the biggest trends at the moment.

6. Minimalistic white tees

Nothing can be so easily combined with the rest of your attire like a plain, white, minimalistic T-shirt. It’s definitely something all of us should have in the wardrobe, and it’s pretty possible that there’s no woman in the world who doesn’t (hey, if you don’t, now’s the time to get yourself one). You can either choose plain tees with nothing on them, or go logomania, and get yourself tees with the logo of your favorite brand or a good quote. Pairing them up with denim is always an extremely fashionable choice.

7. Leather jacket

Since we covered practically everything, there’s still that jacket that we need to talk about. There are plenty of jackets that you probably have, or want to have, but one thing is for certain – you need to have at least one high-quality leather jacket. This is a timeless piece of clothing that you will definitely wear a lot during fall and spring. It can easily be paired with the rest of your clothes, such as denim jeans, a skirt, shorts – you name it, and the leather jacket can be there!

Now open your wardrobe and see if you have everything from this list. If not, make it your priority to go and get yourself that. These are all timeless pieces that will be popular in 20 years as well, so make sure to book your ’’looking fashionable’’ look in advance!