Aftermarket Seat for BMW R Nine T and Indian Scout

The seat of your motorcycle is just one of three places where your body interacts with your bike. A new seat can change your riding experience and update the look of your bike. If you’re thinking about investing in a new seat when you shop for your motorcycle battery, you have to consider a few things before you buy.

    • Why do you want to change the seat? Is it for style or comfort?
    • What kind of riding do you do? You’ll want a different style seat for touring over racing.
    • How often do you ride with a passenger?
    • What kind of weather conditions do you ride in? You’ll want to consider the materials of the seat cover if you see harsh weather a lot.
    • How do you store your bike, in a garage or outside under the elements?
    • Do you need more support than the stock seat provides?



Cover or Replacement Seat?

If the stock seat is in good condition and you find it comfortable, you might just want to update the cover for a different style. Essentially, you’re only changing the skin on the seat and keeping the hardware. Another option is to simply add a seat pad, which improves comfort when you’re on the road, but does nothing for the appearance.

If the stock seat is uncomfortable and you want a complete change, then you’ll need to shop for an aftermarket seat that will add personality to your ride and give you more comfort. Look for a high-quality baseplate made of fiberglass or steel, which will be sturdier than the stock parts on your bike. OEM bike parts are often geared towards all riders, not designed for comfort of one person. You can get vinyl and leather seat covers, both of which are stylish.  

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