Amazing First Date Ideas You’ll Love

If you’ve been single for a while, it can be quite nerve-wracking to be asked out on a first date. One of you needs to come up with a great idea for an activity that you’ll both enjoy. When you don’t know each other very well, this can be quite a hard challenge! Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of great ideas for a first date that will be good fun for you both.

Dinner or drinks at a bar are the most popular ways to spend the first date. But it’s tricky to talk when you’re in a noisy pub or when you have a mouth full of food! To overcome this problem, choose a meal that requires very little chewing. Ravioli rather than steak means you’re more likely to have an opportunity to promptly answer a question from your date.


If you head out for drinks, select a venue where there isn’t a live band on that night. A little background music gives you a prompt for some conversation about your musical tastes. But an amp turned up on full will give you no opportunity for a chat. You’ll both be facing the band rather than looking at each other, making communication almost impossible.

A movie at the cinema could lead to the same kind of problems. Sure, you’ll have something to talk about afterwards, but you may be spending ninety minutes in the dark with someone you can’t talk to. Why not opt for a theater production like a play or a musical? These are more likely to invoke a little audience participation, and there will be an interval too.

Rather than drinking alcohol with dinner or at a bar, you might choose something lighter. There are plenty of days out for couples that could work for you both. It’s easier just to be yourself when you haven’t had a drink, but you might feel a little more nervous without it. However, if you’re having fun at a theme park or visiting an art gallery, you may be more relaxed anyway.


Heading to a nightclub for a first date could be another fun thing to do. There are quieter areas in most clubs for a sit-down, drink and a chat. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to dance the night away. But if you really want to get to know someone, why not take a class together? There are plenty of one-session courses in cookery, crafting, and music all over the city. It gives you both a chance to work as a team or to just support each other in your endeavors to complete the task.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a first or subsequent date. Country walking or a coastal path can be the ideal way to spend time getting to know each other. It will be daylight, and you don’t have to do it alone. Bring your other couple friends, and you can take the pressure off the date if you’re not yet sure about him. You’ll certainly get your friend’s feedback on what they thought of him!