Kangaroo Island

South Australia at its best

It does not matter how you look at South Australia, whether it is in the comfort of your car peering through the car window or from the very top of a sand dune, South Australia has an impressive patchwork of contrasting landscapes.  There are dusty coastal roads that lead to pristine white sandy beaches and off the beat tracks that head directly into the South Australian skyline.

If you are a first time visitor to South Australia and looking for ideas for activities in this region, then look no further as we look into detail at two of the most popular activities; hiking along the Haysen Trail and visiting Kangaroo Island.

Haysen Trail

This is Australia’s longest walking trail starting at Cape Jervis, covering 1200km in length.  With its various access points, this makes it attractive to those looking for half day or if feeling brave, full day walks.  It is worth bearing in mind that there are some sections of the trail that are closed in the months from December to April due to fire restrictions.

This trail is like a quality box of chocolates, it offers something for everyone as you appreciate the rural landscapes, rolling hills and many beaches along the coast.  It offers the best of South Australia with its assorted scenic beauty.

If you can it is highly recommended that you stand on the craggy cliff grandstands and stare in awe at Waitpinga Creek and Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island

Discover the magnificence that is Kangaroo Island, it may only be a few minutes away from mainland Australia but its tranquil surroundings make you feel a million miles away.

Freedom is not a state of mind, but it is an island!  This is an island you will want to escape to and never want to leave.  This is the ideal place to disconnect yourself from the world and lose yourself in this magic island.

If you want to find the magic, let yourself breathe and make your way to Kangaroo Island.

It breathes history since it was founded by British explorer, Matthew Flinders in 1802.  A few years later it was home to over three hundred people for just four years.  However due to some persistent individuals who chose to stay here and create a community, that sense of independence still strives through the island.

As soon as you visit Kangaroo Island you will soon be swept in and understand why it is a tourism icon with its unspoilt white beaches and luxury food and wines.

So what is the connection between Kangaroo Island and the Heysen trail?  It is understandable why Kangaroo Island has a well deserved reputation as being one of South Australia’s best attractions.  Apart from its sensational wildlife and beautiful views it offers some of the best walking trails.  The four day itinery explores some of the best walks on the island, but if you want to extend by a further three days trek some of the most superior tracks along the Southern Heysen Trail.