Avacado Snacks

Address your addiction in more ways than one

Avocados; a simple fruit that is firm yet creamy.  Many would class this as the crown jewel of all fruits.  Take a moment to review the many uses of this mysterious fruit.

Vegetarians all over the world are well aware that a single avocado would silence any claims from a meat eater that the vegetarian diet does not consist of enough protein but the majority of people would be surprised to hear that the avocado has tons of uses.

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Celiac Disease: Not a myth


There was once a Greek physician called Aretaeus of Cappadocia who was the first to discover Celiac disease (CD). 

He may have discovered it but neither he nor anyone else knew that the root cause was a reaction to gluten.  What is gluten?  It is a protein found in wheat.  This was not made clear until 1950 which was several centuries later when a Dutch paediatrician named Dr Willem Dicke conclusively proved gluten as the culprit.  This discovery could not have come sooner as Dicke saved millions and millions of children and adults from this untreated disease.  Its symptoms if untreated vary from severe neurological illness, stunted growth, malnutrition and in severe cases, it can cause death.

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Human Intestinal Parasites


There are three types of intestinal human parasites that have the ability to live inside the small and large intestines: roundworms, tapeworms and protozoa.  There are certain types that will stay within the intestines but others will travel outside and unfortunately invade other organs of the body.  There are some that are extremely small that can only be seen under a microscope but there are some that can be up to a foot long.

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Car Leasing

Car Leasing – The Facts


When you need a car but can’t afford the large up-front costs of a new vehicle, a dodgy second hand model may seem the only option; instead, consider leasing a new car which is safe and reliable. Put simply, leasing is ‘renting’ a car from a leasing company; you’ll only need to pay small instalments each month to have the car as your own for an agreed period of time. Here are some important facts about car leasing to help you understand whether it’s right for you:

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DIY Money Saving Tips

DIY Home Renovation Tips

There are different reasons why people renovate their homes. Some do it for prestige and respect in the neighborhood, while some do it only because they are planning to sell the house. Whatever might be your own reason, if you will follow the identified DIY advice for your home, you will not only save money, you will also be able to pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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Buying Properties in Turkey

Your guide to buying property in Turkey

With the vast amount of coastline Turkey continues to attract British buyers every year.  But try and avoid jumping in and buying a property in Turkey until you have read this guide which holds some useful tips.

It is not surprising why Turkey continues to be in one of the top ten places to buy in 2015; littered with unspoilt beaches there is plenty of potential for an investor.   Regardless of the fierce competition due to low property prices in mainland Spain, Turkey continues to offer a range of properties covering all spectrums of the budget.

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Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town

Ibiza has to be one of the most fascinating parts of the world.  Both day and night there is plenty on offer!  Ibiza Town is the largest city on the island of Ibiza and is the perfect place for those that enjoy relaxing on the beach in the day and partying the night away in some of the world’s well known clubs.  It most certainly ticks many boxes.

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Kangaroo Island

South Australia at its best

It does not matter how you look at South Australia, whether it is in the comfort of your car peering through the car window or from the very top of a sand dune, South Australia has an impressive patchwork of contrasting landscapes.  There are dusty coastal roads that lead to pristine white sandy beaches and off the beat tracks that head directly into the South Australian skyline.

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