Avacados: The healthy way to snack

Avacado Snacks

Address your addiction in more ways than one

Avocados; a simple fruit that is firm yet creamy.  Many would class this as the crown jewel of all fruits.  Take a moment to review the many uses of this mysterious fruit.

Vegetarians all over the world are well aware that a single avocado would silence any claims from a meat eater that the vegetarian diet does not consist of enough protein but the majority of people would be surprised to hear that the avocado has tons of uses.

The avocado may have been eaten for well over ten thousand years but head over to Pinterest but it will quickly become apparent why it is worthy of the crown and deserves to be under the spot light.

This fruit may be the king of ingredients in a guacamole but this is just the first chapter of the story….

  1. There are health benefits

Brimming with fibre, vitamins, monounsaturated fats and potassium, if you were to eat an avocado on a regular basis you will significantly reduce the chance of heart disease, strokes and breast cancer.  In addition to this you will be making improvements to your cholesterol.

  1. Where has all the mayo gone?

For a fantastic alternative to mayonnaise toss some avocado into your tuna or egg salad.  Did you know that just two teaspoons of avocado contains only fifty calories compared to mayonnaise which for the same quantity contains one hundred calories?

Avocado will soon become your new best friend.  So the next time you are preparing lunch reach out for the avocado and save yourself some calories for a much needed afternoon treat.

  1. Replenish your hair

Mash some avocado with a tiny bit of olive oil and use it as a treatment for your hair.  If you were to leave it sitting in your hair for at least fifteen minutes this green mush with moisturise your hair much better than any shop bought conditioner.  Give it a go, what you got to lose.

  1. Having a dinner party use the left overs for your face

A proven fact that a mask consisting of avocado will repair damaged skin.  For optimal results use this once a week for that fresh look you have always craved for.  Don’t limit it to just your face; avocado mixed with lemon juice and egg whites can be used as a moisturiser for your entire body.

  1. Do you have a mini you living with you?

The ideal food for little hands.  It is not surprising this is the number one choice for weaning babies.  Furthermore mums are happy as they are packed full of healthy fats.  Exactly what a growing energetic baby needs.

Your baby will love playing with this in their messy hands.

We have only just begun to scratch the surface but it is already clear that avocados hold tons of benefits.  So next time you reach out for a moisturiser head to the fruit basket as the ultimate secret to a healthy body is next to your apples.