Becoming a vegetarian; the easy way

If for any reason you’ve decided that you want to make the change from being a meat eater to being a vegetarian, you may be a little unsure where to start. If you already eat vegetables as a side dish and fruit as a snack you’re already well on your way, but it’s about filling in the gaps where meat currently sits on your plate.

Here then are some tips for each meal to make the smooth transition to a meat free future.


A way to get you really ready to face the day ahead is with a fruit-packed smoothie. Use bananas as a base for a nice thick drink and add whatever is available; strawberries, mango, raspberries or blueberries perhaps. Blend with milk or yoghurt and enjoy.

For a hot breakfast in the winter, don’t think you need to give up the full English. With Quorn products such as their famous sausages and meat-free bacon slices you only need to add baked beans, mushrooms and toast to have the perfect start.  Rich in protein and low in saturated fats, you’ll have a healthy option which has the taste and texture of meat. If you want to learn more about Quorn, check out the facts on this revolutionary product here – .


When you’re having a busy day in the office, the easiest option is to grab some sandwiches from the local shop or the canteen. There’s often only meat choices other than cheese or egg and you are going to want more variety to get you through the afternoon.

Make sandwiches at home with great wholemeal bread, wraps or pittas and fill them to the brim with lots of tasty salad and a little dressing. Add some cooked cous cous perhaps or even some Quorn Mini Breaded Fillets.  You’ll be the envy of your colleagues as they ask what delicious and meat-free food you have with you each day.


Often a difficult time to think about swapping to being a vegetarian is when the main meal of the day is needed. There’s a misconception that preparing anything vegetarian is time consuming; in fact you can create a great stir fry with noodles, a chick pea curry or pasta with Mediterranean vegetables in less time than it would take for a takeaway to arrive.

Batch bake some family staples at the weekend and freeze for other nights when you’ve not got the time to cook from scratch; Ratatouille, cheese and onion pie or fantastic stuffed vegetables such as butternut squash. Before you know it, you’ll have made the swap to being a vegetarian and you won’t even realise the transition has taken place.