The Best Ways to Travel to Swansea

Swansea is one of the most popular areas in the United Kingdom to travel to for a holiday. The location is well-known for its spectacular beauty and it can be a fantastic place for you, your family, friends or that special someone to walk around and enjoy. One of the best things about Swansea is its unique versatility in the ways that you can access the city. Because it is a coastal area, there are a number of different ways that you can get to the city when you want to stay there. When you are looking for a Swansea accommodation and consider the luxury hotels in Swansea, you might also want to think about the various ways that you can enjoy traveling to the city, such as:

  • On the Road – Many people in the United Kingdome love taking the picturesque drive to Swansea. It does not seem to matter just how far you may have to go get there since the drive along the coast can give you spectacular views that you may never had the chance to see before. There are also a number of bus services that can be available to you from both London and Cardiff so that you can ride the bus and just enjoy what you see without having to do the driving yourself.
  • By Air – While the city of Swansea only has a small airport that can handle just light aircraft, people can still fly into the area. Cardiff International Airport is located just under an hour away from Swansea and handles international and domestic flights. Bristol Airport can be found a bit further away and is just less than ninety miles from the city. There is also a smaller airport, the Pembrey Airport, which just less than twenty miles from Swansea and handles charter flight traffic in Europe and the UK.
  • By Train – The train can be a great way to arrive in Swansea and you can access the area from many locations around the UK and Europe. The train can take you right into Swansea Train Station so you can end up right in the heart of the city. Trains are available from locations in London and Cardiff as well as other cities.
  • By Boat – For a truly unique way to travel, you can consider getting to Swansea by boat. There are direct ferries to Swansea from Cork, Ireland that you can take using the Swansea-Cork Ferry system. There are also boat slips and berths available for use at the Swansea Marina if you wanted to consider taking your own private boat to the area.

With so many different ways to arrive in Swansea, it is no wonder it can be a fantastic place for you to go for a holiday. Once you decide how you are getting to Swansea, you want to think about where you will stay in the city. Take a look at the boutique hotels in Swansea has available and you will want to book a stay at the Dragon Hotel for a unique, relaxing and comfortable stay.