Bouncy Castles for Adult Parties

Embrace your inner child with some inflatable fun

Hiring a bouncy castle is a great way to add an element of childhood fun and nostalgia to your grown up party.

The parties that we remember from our childhood always seem like the best parties – full of fun, games, serious sugar-overload and, if you were very lucky, a bouncy castle which kept you and your friends bouncing for hours.

I don’t think we ever really grow out of bouncy castles, so why not try and recapture the fun of your youth by hiring and adult bouncy castle for your next party? Hiring a bouncy castle as an adult is a great way to make your party stand out from the crowd and will provide hours of fun and entertainment for you and your guests.

Of course, you and your friends are lot bigger now than when you were ten years old, so a standard kids’ bouncy castle will not cut the mustard. Instead, make sure you hire your castle from a company that provides bouncy castles for adults. The main difference between a standard bouncy castle and an adult bouncy castle is that adults’ castles tend to have a reinforced bed that can take the weight of adults, along with higher internal walls.

Many inflatables suppliers also offer themed castles, based on popular television programmes or films for example, which can add an additional element of fun to your party.

Before hiring a castle, make sure you assess and measure the space you have available. For example, if your venue is indoors, you will need to check that the ceiling is higher than the height of the bouncy castle.

If a bouncy castle seems a bit tame and you have plenty of space, you could go one step further and introduce an inflatable element of competition with a bungee run or sumo wrestling suits, or even up the adrenaline with an inflatable mega slide.

Once you’ve got the bouncy castle why not go the whole hog and throw a nostalgia-themed party that embraces the best of the fun, carefree days of your childhood?

Party games

When we were kids, no party was complete without the obligatory party games, such as pass the parcel, musical chairs and musical statues. And these can be just as fun at a party for adults, particularly if you throw some booze into the mix. For something a bit more physically challenging, you could also get your guests to try out party favourites such as Twister or Limbo.


While the bouncy castle is the showpiece of your party, you also need something to keep your guests entertained when they’re taking a break from all that bouncing. Music is absolutely vital to a successful party, and a playlist of your favourite cheesy tunes from your chosen era is sure to get your guests up and dancing.

Kids’ party food

To really keep to the nostalgic theme of your party, be sure to serve up food that will bring back memories of childhood parties, such as party rings, sausage rolls, fairy cakes and, of course, the old favourite, jelly and ice cream. For an adult twist, you could even spice up the jelly with a shot or two of vodka.

Goodie bags

The disappointment of a party coming to an end was always tempered by the giving out of goodie bags full of delicious sugary treats, a balloon and, if you were really lucky, a tacky plastic toy. Replicate the same feeling at your grown up party by handing your guests party bags as they leave. The contents are up to you, but some miniature bottles of alcohol and / or some hangover cures for the morning always go down well – and adults appreciate delicious sugary treats just as much as children do!

As you can see, a bouncy castle is just the starting point. With the right food, games and entertainment, it’s easy to throw a kids-themed party that recaptures all the magic of your childhood.