From ancient times, people are fond of using different fragrances for smelling good. Perfumes were invented from the desire of humans to adorn the body odor with good smells and slowly they have become the luxury personal care item. People wear perfumes of different types as a sign of their self-expression. Different perfumes are used for different occasions. However, while we love to wear a pleasant smell, we are also concerned about the environment and this concern touches this field also. People are interested in knowing how the scent is created and does damage to the environment. Continue reading

Like other parts of the body, hair ages too. Other than shedding and hair loss, aging results in greying of the hair strands. However, it is not outright a cause of age, because even young people can have grey hair strands for different reasons.

What do you do when you notice grey hair strands on your hair? Is it wise to pluck out the grey hair strand(s)? As tempting as it might be to want to pull out the grey hair strands you spotted on your head, here are seven reasons why you should avoid this habit and instead use the best hair clippers if need be:Continue reading

Living in the digital age means that the internet has given birth to many new ways of entertainment and even careers. Whether you have a big video interview coming up or you’re looking to get into the world of live streaming on Twitch or YouTube, we all know that looking great on webcam isn’t the easiest feat. Fear not; we are here to help you to look as glam as you can on cam with some simple beauty tips.Continue reading

The phrase ‘flaunt what you’ve got’ applies to any shape or size but if you’ve got a fuller-figure there are some extra ways that you can make your silhouette stand out to its full potential. Add these flattering clothes to your wardrobe, and you’ll be bound to impress whether it be at the office or on a date.  

Skirts: pencil or a-line

Experts agree that when it comes to skirts, pencil or A-line styles tend to flatter women with a fuller figure. This is because those that carry more weight around the hips will benefit from a skirt that can fall somewhere from the knee to the mid-calf to balance their silhouette. Continue reading

January is here and if you’re anything like us then you will be trying to have a healthy month, save the pennies and give that much-abandoned gym a bit of a seeing to this month.

Whilst you’re looking after number one, have you spared a thought for your make up bag? You use it every day and you probably wouldn’t leave the house without some of the products in its contents and, yet it hasn’t had a clean out since the beginning of time. Well, why not take some time to give it a much-needed detox and streamline the products so you have the essentials on hand when you need them.Continue reading

Not everything that trends is worthy, but these skin care trends prove to be very beneficial and worthwhile. As we age, having skin that is healthy and strong is essential. Sometimes this means changing up your skin routine to ensure your skin is getting proper treatment, so it can continue to protect at its best. You can do no wrong by incorporating these wonderful components into your skin care routine. Giving these awesome trends a shot will only bring about beautiful glowing skin and happier health, so why not check out these massage oilsContinue reading