Car Leasing

Car Leasing – The Facts


When you need a car but can’t afford the large up-front costs of a new vehicle, a dodgy second hand model may seem the only option; instead, consider leasing a new car which is safe and reliable. Put simply, leasing is ‘renting’ a car from a leasing company; you’ll only need to pay small instalments each month to have the car as your own for an agreed period of time. Here are some important facts about car leasing to help you understand whether it’s right for you:

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DIY Money Saving Tips

DIY Home Renovation Tips

There are different reasons why people renovate their homes. Some do it for prestige and respect in the neighborhood, while some do it only because they are planning to sell the house. Whatever might be your own reason, if you will follow the identified DIY advice for your home, you will not only save money, you will also be able to pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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Buying Properties in Turkey

Your guide to buying property in Turkey

With the vast amount of coastline Turkey continues to attract British buyers every year.  But try and avoid jumping in and buying a property in Turkey until you have read this guide which holds some useful tips.

It is not surprising why Turkey continues to be in one of the top ten places to buy in 2015; littered with unspoilt beaches there is plenty of potential for an investor.   Regardless of the fierce competition due to low property prices in mainland Spain, Turkey continues to offer a range of properties covering all spectrums of the budget.

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