The demands and stresses of modern life are bad enough – but when we have to deal with emotional and mental issues such as guilt, depression, marital problems, substance abuse, and more, life can be quite overwhelming. We find it difficult to make decisions, and it can be hard to relate to other people or enjoy life if we cannot handle our problems. If you are dealing with emotional issues which have become too unbearable, you can certainly benefit from speaking with someone who can listen and understand. Speaking with a counsellor can be the first step to healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. Here’s how a counsellor can really help you with your emotional problems and issues. Continue reading

Everyone knows staying fit is important, it’s doubly so for people that grow older. By keeping your fitness up you have a great chance of increasing both your physical and mental health, leading to a happier and healthier later stage of your life. In this article, you will be told of several ways to stay fit as your age catches up on you, and the ways in which doing so benefits your health.Continue reading

Every year we make lots of new year resolutions about the different ways in which we are going to undertake a healthier lifestyle, which we then don’t end up seeing through. Most of the time, these changes are big and this sudden change in lifestyle can be hard to maintain. This is why we recommend making smaller, healthy changes that you can easily implement and, more importantly, stick to.

Instead of following strict changes, why not add smaller changes into your daily routine to help you kick off a healthier and happier lifestyle. Continue reading

We all have the habit of taking things for granted from time to time. From speaking with a friend over a wireless network to assuming that our vehicle will bring us to work, there is no doubt that technology has had a positive impact upon our lives. However, personal safety is one concern which should never be taken lightly. This is one of the main principles behind a campaign known as Safe Space. Let’s begin by taking a closer look at why such a project is important as well as how to assess your unique lifestyle.Continue reading

Conditions such as the common cold or flu are often accompanied by a cough as well. The symptoms of a cold or flu are bad enough – and if they come with a cough, it just gets too annoying to bear. However, if you have a cold or the flu along with a cough, there are still some things you can do to lessen the symptoms caused by a cough. Here’s a list of ways you can ease your cough symptoms.Continue reading

If you have had an issue with any treatment that you have received from the NHS, figuring out what to do can feel daunting, especially since the NHS is such a large and bureaucratic institution, it can be hard to know who was at fault. However, the right to make a complaint is written into the NHS constitution and it is extremely important that the NHS knows about any issues that you have had in order to make the service better and to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to anyone else who is using the NHS for treatment. So, what can you do if you have an issue with treatment that you have received from the NHS?Continue reading

It’s no breeze, a barre class will give you a full body workout that you’ll feel the next morning, even if you go most days of the week. The barre routine works every muscle, but is soft on joints. Just don’t expect your instructor to go light, this programme is designed to keep you in shape, and it’s very effective. Here are seven reasons why it’s a good idea to give it a go, you can always try a few classes with a pay as you go pass before fully committing.Continue reading