What Clothes Will Flatter A Plus Size Figure?

The phrase ‘flaunt what you’ve got’ applies to any shape or size but if you’ve got a fuller-figure there are some extra ways that you can make your silhouette stand out to its full potential. Add these flattering clothes to your wardrobe, and you’ll be bound to impress whether it be at the office or on a date.  

Skirts: pencil or a-line

Experts agree that when it comes to skirts, pencil or A-line styles tend to flatter women with a fuller figure. This is because those that carry more weight around the hips will benefit from a skirt that can fall somewhere from the knee to the mid-calf to balance their silhouette.

If you’ve got a heavier midsection, however, you might want to go for a skirt that starts at your natural waist and ends just below the knee. Pairing this type of skirt with a soft blouse will also help to highlight your curves. Still struggling for ideas? Don’t worry; there are plenty of sites out there aimed at plus size women such as Ashleigh Plus Size, that brings together the latest trends at an affordable price.

Tops: tunics and white dress shirts

Tunic tops don’t just provide coverage around the hips and thighs; they’re a great option for providing clean lines around your upper body – especially when worn with correctly fitting underwear. Opting for a tunic that has a v-neck or a scooped neck will draw attention upwards, as long as the back of the hem doesn’t go past your bum, as this will end up hugging you in all the wrong places.

Fashion experts say that everyone should have a white dress shirt in their wardrobe. Why? They’re one of the most versatile and slimming items of clothing because they can be worn under a blazer for work, or with a statement necklace and jeans for a weekend outing. Of course, it’s always best to choose a shirt made from fabric that allows for a little stretch.

Bottoms: dark-wash jeans

As a plus size lady, you might tend to avoid wearing jeans because you feel that they just don’t flatter your shape. The truth is, you just haven’t found the right pair yet. Dark to medium wash jeans will look the best on your curves, and you’ll want to choose a cut that will flatter, regardless of trends. The general rule here is – as long as it doesn’t tug, pull or hurt, they fit.

Choose denim that has a little bit of stretch and if you’re someone who enjoys embellishment or fades, be aware of where any patterns are so that you don’t draw unwanted attention to certain areas.  

Dresses: waist-clinching and décolletage

Highlighting your assets has never been easier than with a dress that shows off your décolletage area. That’s the upper part of your torso, including your shoulders and your upper chest. It’s a look that isn’t too provocative but allows you to make a statement look, especially if it’s a dress that also clinches in at the waist.

With a fuller figure, your waist should always be well-defined as it enhances your hourglass silhouette. If your dress isn’t doing the trick, you might want to add a detailed belt that will stand as its own accessory to your overall outfit.