A Colour Re-Branding

We have just had a company-wide re-branding at work. Logo, tag-line, colour, ethos, the full works. There was a huge meeting called, where everyone and anyone was forced to attend. The big, big bosses all stood in front of the very bored and uninterested crowd, hoping to gain our attention.

The musical introduction was way over the top and didn’t really inspire anyone to listen to what was about to be said. They ranted on about how we were entering a new age and how we had grown so fast as a company, that it was now time to show our true colours and how we would mature visually for our customers.

I’ve worked at the company for the last five years and it is fair to say that we have quadrupled in size and had to move into much bigger offices. So they had a point about finding a new vision for our company. But I didn’t really know what was wrong with the existing logo. We have a lovely orange colour-scheme going all the way through the office, but it is a little bright all around the desks. Still, it reminds you of where you are working.

So when the boss brought on a design team to talk us through this brand-new logo and colour ethos, I was slightly intrigued. The very first image I saw was a dinosaur walking across the screen. With that I turned straight off. As a financial provider, we don’t really need a dinosaur to attract customers, what we do need is rich customers. So I’m not sure what a dinosaur had to do with it.

The only bright side I could see was that they had removed the orange from all of our desks and the carpet, then changed all of the office furniture and brought in a nice, calming blue to the office.

It was a visually stark change. The office had gone from this glaring and slightly jarring orange glow, and been transformed into a calming work place. It was a simple change and yet it seemed to immediately score with everyone who worked in it. We seemed to take the blue into our hearts and just let it change our attitudes.

How can a simple colour change make such an impression? And I can tell you how much of an impression it made simply in one fact. The blue was officially Azure blue. I know because I listened and we talked about it for the next week.

I know what you’re asking. The dinosaur? Well, it was a dinosaur and it was large. One of those with the long necks and not with any sharp teeth. So it wasn’t a T-Rex, but I have no idea what it was actually called.

That is the impression our new company logo had on me or any of us. It doesn’t matter to us, yet the colour of our desk space and the carpet, really matter to us in our day-to-day lives.