Colour Your Personality

I was sat in my front one on day and look away from the TV. My immediate thought was that the room was looking a little bit past it’s best and could have benefited from a fresh coat of paint. The thought was quick and it was forgotten about seconds later as I turned my attention back onto the box.

Then my friend was around and she commented on the lack of paint behind the radiator. Who paints behind a radiator anyway? So once again we were looking at my decorating and the state of the walls.

Well, here I am now in the market for some cans of paint. The problem I have is not what colour I am going to paint the walls, it is more about how much paint I will be using.

I have a nice base coat on the walls of Ivory. This means that it is going to be really easy to paint over it with a fresh coat. The hard work will be done in the blink of an eye. Well maybe over the course of a weekend at the worst.

The decision is all about how much purple I can get away with.

Ideally, I’d have four walls covered in purple, but I just don’t want the room to look that dark. So the next option is a feature wall fully pained purple. This is still an option. My primary option right now is the mid-wall stripe. A band of purple going right around the whole of my room.

The purple stripe would blend in perfectly with my couch and if I send it into the bedroom as well, then it will fit perfectly in with the bed headrest I had just bought from

So my issue really isn’t about which colour to use, but by how much colour I can get away with.