Common ways you might be ruining your clothes

There is no doubt that some of your clothes become worn and tired looking after a certain amount of time. This is more than likely to be down to the fact that they have not been looked after correctly.

However, the list below will help you to look after your items of clothing and accessories in the correct way. Following them correctly will ensure that they last longer and continue to look good.

Too much dry-cleaning

Many items of clothing state that they can only be dry-cleaned whereas some state that they can be dry-cleaned only. If it does say dry-clean then you are more than likely able to wash it by hand. This will save you money but it will also continue to look good because chemicals used in the dry cleaning process can damage fibres.

Folding your leather

The look of leather can be affected by wrinkles and creases. Getting rid creases is tricky because leather cannot be ironed and so getting rid of them can take some time. Therefore, put your leather items on a hanger, ensuring that you place a cushion between the clip and the leather so that that it does not leave any marks behind.

Protective Spray

Using a protective spray on leather shoes can help to prevent cracking and water stains. Doing this on a regular basis can save money in the long-run as it will mean that you do not have to replace items.

Storing bags incorrectly

Should you keep your bags in dust bags or boxes or not at all? Many believe that this can cause the leather to dry out. However, storing your bag correctly can prevent it from gathering dust, scuff marks and any other general wear and tear. Some people choose to hang their bags by the strap but this can cause them to stretch, so leave them sitting in a relaxed position.

Zip up your zippers

Now this may seem a little over the top but failing to zip up your zippers can cause problems for other items in the wash. This is because they can catch on to other items and cause them to snag and rip. It takes seconds to do this zips up, so next time remember to zip up!

Wear a different bra

Try not to use the same bra by having a number of bras in rotation. The main reason for this is because it is recommended that bras should be left to breath in between wears,

Using the wrong hangers

There is no doubt that your clothes will benefit from being hung on hangers but using wire hangers or plastic hangers will do your clothes no favours as they can cause dents. Therefore, look to use velvet or wooden hangers.

Delicate items in the washing machine

Washing machines these days are very sophisticated and many have a delicate cycle. However, hand washing can benefit certain clothes such as bras and underwear as it can protect lace from ripping which in turn saves money!

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