Distressed, Vintage, Antique: Learn More About Pre-Owned Accessories

Whether you’re old, young, upscale, or down-home, handbags and other accessories are a part of life.  They carry our keys, hide our snacks, and offset our outfits to make them truly pop on a night out.  However, there are times when “brand new” isn’t exactly what we are looking for.  Some of us love vintage accessories and that means we have to go searching for that must-have handbag from our favorite designer at a price we can more reasonably afford.

Does this mean pre-owned is a bad thing?

Most certainly not!  Vintage clothing and accessories are great!  For example, if you love handbags and have a taste for Louis Vuitton, but want something that is no longer available brand new, you’ll be headed to search for Louis Vuitton pre owned handbags that are already distressed or may even be considered antique.

In fact, antique is quite trendy these days.  It is not unusual to see auctions for antique accessories where items go for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.  After all, we’ve been passing down strands of pearls from generation to generation, so why would it be wrong for other accessories?

Handbags are always in season and are useful as well!

No matter what type of handbag you prefer, there are always styles that are in season.  This makes it very easy to find something that is both chic and will accent your outfit perfectly, while remaining fashionable.  That is one of the lovely things about fashion, trends circle round.

This does not mean we expect you to run out for a pair of “Hammer Pants” any time soon, but we certainly won’t be surprised if those too make a return at some point.  However, we do expect the many lovely vintage handbags you’re hiding away to be in fashion over time, if not always in fashion thanks to their classic look and feel.

What other accessories are making a comeback?

Along with several vintage handbags, there are plenty of jewelry styles gaining popularity again.  While they may not be the top of the fashion charts, they’re certainly circling around for another go.  Styles like chunky bracelets, large focal necklaces, and even classic beaded jewelry are coming back into the popular light, bringing more variety to our outfits and allowing us to create more and more retro-inspired looks.

We’ve seen distressed leather handbags with lovely fringe on the fold paired up with casual leggings, cable knit sweaters, and ankle boots with chunky heels.  Topping off these already lovely outfits are beautiful beaded necklaces with large rose quartz donut focals and rose quartz earrings with just a hint of antique gold to them.  These styles are timeless and the results are absolutely fabulous and versatile.

No matter what your preferred style, vintage is always a great choice, so shop around and find those vintage loves and add them to your accessory collections for the many seasons to come.  We’ll be right there as well, just a few aisles over, seeking out the antique Louis Vuitton lines that have inspired us over time.