Eating with style in London: Best Eateries in London

The problem that probably most of the Londoners face is to decide a chic and trendy place to meet up. With a plethora of excellent eateries that are worth visiting and to choose from all those is a big problem. However, fret not, we have compiled this list for some of the trendiest and coolest eating places available in London. You can visit these places for a warm family reunion or for a romantic date.

The list contains all the best eateries which serve delicious food from risotto to ramen, steak houses to pure veg places. We have put together a complete list after doing much homework.

The Araki:

The Araki is a sushi place that serves the best sushi that you can find in London. Its chef Mitsuhiro Araki tries to cultivate a symbiotic relationship with you while preparing your sushi. They use their traditional family recipe, which makes this sushi restaurant one of the best in London.   

Kanada – Ya:

Kanadaya is the first eatery in London where you can try authentic Japanese ramen. As you know, the real ramen is challenging to make with its umami broth and freshly prepared noodles. However, at Kandaya, you can experience the most genuine ramen dishes that are available in London. You should try their tonkotsu x ramen as a trial then you can decide for yourself. Moreover, they also serve traditional Japanese sake.


The orrery is the house of pure, simple yet traditional French cuisine. Its décor is simple yet elegant, just like their menu. They have a precise and selected a la carte menu, which lets you experience your favorite French dishes by sitting right here in London.


Ikoyi is a perfect place to go on a date, plus they offer a unique western inspired African food. It is located in the vicinity of St. James. Once you’re there, you should definitely try their unique snacks like deep fried plantain snacks served with scotch-bonnet mayonnaise.       

The Punchbowl:

The Punchbowl is one of the oldest pubs found in Mayfair. It has an antique 18th-century appeal to it with its rich wooden paneling and open fireplaces. It has three floors each with a different décor from old fashioned to posh and a separate exquisite Victorian style room that can also be booked.

Min Jiang:

Min Jiang is a premium Chinese cuisine restaurant that offers one of the best views in London. It is located atop the Royal Garden Hotel and serves the most authentic Chinese cuisine that can be found in the whole of London. Their special 48-hours wood-fired Beijing Duck is a must-have.

Kin + Deum:

Kin & Deum is the perfect place to try the fusion of modern cuisine with classic Thai cuisine. They offer a contemporary menu with a minimalist sitting arrangement. The dishes are modern but still have that authentic Thai flavor, which is perfect for a family meal. Some dishes worth trying are; the Himmaparn and Countryside pork belly, the Tamarind crispy eggs, crispy battered garlic squid starters, and pork-and-herb larb balls.


The ex-gymkhana chef Rohit Ghai opens the newest Indian restaurant in Chelsea, Kutir. Kutir offers some of the best and most exquisite Indian cuisines that you can find in London. Their tagliatelle, 24-hour roasted lamb Rogan josh, and quail biryani are just perfect for the cold winters of London.       

We hope that you will definitely enjoy your visit to these unique restaurants. However, no matter where you’re going for safekeeping of your mobile install Mspy UK the best tracking app available.