Enjoying The Diversity

It is not very often that you can look around the office and feel that you can see genuine progression in people’s attitudes. In fact, it is not very often that I actually get the chance to look away from my screen and to spend a few seconds reflecting.

Our office is full of sales people. We are a company based on making sales, so if you can sell and make a profit, you will fit into our office. There is no dress code, there are no typical workers and there is definitely no company policy about language.

We do everything we can to make the sales as profitable as we can. Hours are spent on the phone negotiating the best rates and saving a penny on every product soon adds up in the long run. But the really important thing to remember is that we take all comers.

There is absolutely no differentiation between personality types and we would pass even the strictest of diversity analysis. The power of the individual is well and truly at the forefront.

So, when I have to decide what to wear to walk into the office, I am not constricted by any silly rules or social engineering. If I choose to wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, I’m not immediately labelled as Rosie the Riveter. If I choose to wear a smart shirt and jacket, no-one is going to assume that I’m in court in the afternoon.

It makes work freeing. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in each and every day. Some nights, I’ll just search through Chums for some new clothes to wear into work.

But I do not have to just click on the work wear pages, I can completely ignore the smart-casual section, I do not even have to go into the jeans pages. I can literally go through any and every style to pick out whatever I fancy right here and now.

To be honest, if you are one of those people who work in an office where everyone judges you on your appearance, then I can understand. I used to work there. I had those jobs. The ones where wearing red was a sign that it was going to be a bad day and you had to wear blue whenever you had a client in. I’ve been there and worn that.

Having been in that situation, it just makes me even more appreciative of what I have where I am. It gives me all the options under the sun to choose the right hoodie for the day. It lets me dress up when I want to and it lets me dress down when I really need to.

It is one of the best things about my office. We seem to be able to worry about that things which matter and make us money and ignore anything which really does not matter. Dress codes are not going to generate any profit, so let’s just ignore them for the time being.