Etiquette for a first time bed and breakfast-er

Even if you have spent much time at large hotels, you shouldn’t be too quick to assume that staying at a bed and breakfast would feel like basically the same experience. A bed and breakfast – or, as it can be abbreviated, a B&B – is not strictly the same as a hotel and so shouldn’t be treated as such.

There are, for example, major differences in the etiquette to which you would have to adhere during your stay. Here are some behaviours which you should stick to while at a B&B.

Arrive at the previously agreed time

A B&B owner might have gone out of their way to make it easier for people like you to book rooms at their institution. For instance, they might have set up one of the many hotel reservation systems provided by eviivo. A B&B with this kind of system is especially worth considering!

You should, in return, show courtesy to the innkeeper by turning up at the time when you have specified you will. If something happens to leave you running behind schedule, then phone the innkeeper to let them know, HuffPost recommends.

Be careful with what time you phone the B&B owner

Despite the recommendation that we have just highlighted, you should still be careful about exactly when you make the call. While an innkeeper’s job isn’t a 9-5 one, this doesn’t strictly mean that they would be content with you phoning them at any moment during the day.

So, if you know exactly when breakfast gets served at the B&B, resist phoning the innkeeper shortly before then, when scrambled eggs could be getting prepared.

Remember that a B&B is a private residence

This is one major way in which it differs from an orthodox hotel. Hence, while just opening the door before walking into the building would be fine with such a hotel, you should resist doing the same with a B&B! Instead, you should knock on the door and wait for a response.

Similarly, once you are in the B&B, actually ask the innkeeper for permission before simply sitting in the living room or using the garden furniture. The building is likely to be the innkeeper’s home as well as their business premises. For this reason, you should also never remove any glasses or towels, as this would be theft, The Spruce warns.

Act pleasantly to be treated pleasantly

If you are routinely polite and respectful at a B&B, the owner could so appreciate this that they invite you to return. This is a significant boon and certainly preferable to a situation where this owner is instead filled with dread when they notice that you have placed another booking at their establishment. A happy innkeeper could even treat you preferentially on your return.

Should you have enjoyed the B&B sufficiently to want to recommend it to friends, then ensure that the B&B owner is aware of a recommendation that you provide. This could increase the likelihood of a discount when you return to that B&B.