Exceptional Furniture for an Exceptional Home

Your home defines you. What you choose to do to the outside and the inside of where you live should represent your character and personal taste. The best way to display your design style is by customising your furniture.

There are many options out there when it comes to bespoke furniture. Many shops will design your pieces from the start while others take their own designs and personalise it to your taste.

Before designing your furniture, you need to pay attention to the requirements of the area. Survey the space, decide what you want, and take measurements. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Up to how many people will be using an area at a given time?
  • If you have visitors, what will you want to be able to offer them?
  • What’s your taste?
  • What will be your area’s main focus?

Think about whether furniture with sharp edges, light-coloured fabric, or sensitive materials are practical or not for your needs.

With your furniture, you will be able to create the ambiance you wish. Keep in mind what that is while you design and decorate. Your furniture should reflect your personality.

Consider the practical needs of each type of room. Also consider what details you would like to connect different rooms thematically (a motif, a material, an accessory?), and what elements you would like to set them apart (lighting, feature wall, artwork?).

Measure the entire area and assess the space you have to fit the furniture. Don’t forget to measure the entryways. Your furniture will need to fit through the doorframe!

When placing the furniture in the desired space, choose the biggest piece of furniture first, such as the bed or the sofa and place other pieces around the room accordingly.

Design and place furniture with the tone of your home. If you have already decorated your room with shabby chic, contemporary or French country in mind: stick to the theme. You don’t want your new, custom-made furniture to be out of place.

Designing your own furniture can be challenging and stressful. Find someone who will do the hardest parts for you. Find ideas online that appeal to you and send photos. This will give you and the bespoke service you are working with some better ideas.