How to Find the Perfect Set of Jeans

That perfect, best-fitted set of jeans is oftentimes hard to find. Many women struggle when it comes to finding the pair that will look amazing to their body type, making this piece of clothing resemble the Holy Grail of shopping.

If you haven’t found the perfect set of jeans yet, or you want to make an addition to your collection of jeans, then we’re here to help. We’ll give you some advice that will help you in your jeans quest to find the right pair for your shape and body type.

Tall and Skinny

Do your supermodel-long legs make it hard for you to find long-enough jeans? Or maybe you’re skinny and want to find a pair of jeans that won’t make you look too flat?

If the former is true, then you need to look for long enough jeans that’ll not leave that weird bare space between your jeans and shoes. Looking for brands that produce jeans with extra-long inseams is always a good idea, but there’s another type of jeans that look great on long legs – the girlfriend jean, which is basically a more feminine form of the boyfriend jean. This type of jeans would also be perfect if you don’t want to seem too skinny, since some styles are baggier than others. Flares also work, so keep these styles in mind.

Curvy/Plus Size

If you are blessed with curvy frames, finding the perfect set of jeans can be a bit tricky since most of the jeans on the market are designed for skinny body shapes. That being said, many brands started designing jeans for women with curves in the past couple of years, which is a real refreshment and a step-forward in the fashion industry. Here are some recommendations for your next jeans shopping spree.

For a more structured silhouette, mid and high-rise jeans are what you be should looking for. When it comes to denim, make sure that it stretches since that will not only make them super-comfortable, but it will also make your legs longer-looking. Jeans with wide-leg flares are perfect for women with larger thighs, while high-rise cropped jeans will look perfect if you have Shakira-like hips. Remember, stretched denim is your friend, so make sure all styles are made from this kind of material.


When it comes to choosing jeans, length is usually the problem. That being said, petite body types also struggle with waist sizing, so make sure that the jeans you choose fits perfectly before buying them.

Petite body types should avoid overly baggy pants, so you might want to exclude the girlfriend and boyfriend jeans. Instead, look for something that’ll elongate your legs. Straight-leg jeans in darker color would be a nice fit, as well as cropped cuts also in darker colors.

If You Want to Enlarge Your Butt

Got a flat butts? Well, it’s time to rejoice, because there are jeans that’ll make your flat behind look bigger and rounder. All you need to know is what to look for when  shopping for jeans, so let’s give you a few tips.

Look for jeans with smaller back pockets since they will make your bum look bigger than it actually is. High rise jeans are a good idea as well since they lift your derriere and give it a nice shape. Also, there are jeans made from microsculpting fabric created especially for lifting and shaping your behind. This way it’ll be fuller-looking, so look for brands that use this miraculous material.

If You Want to Hide Your Mid-Section

If you’re insecure about your mid-section and want to hide that area, you no longer have to worry.

The first thing you need to look for is that the denim the jeans are made from has a high percentage of elastin. The more the elastin, the stretchier the jeans, and the stretchier the jeans, the more they’ll hold your midsection in place. And above all else, you’ll be more comfortable. High-rise jeans are also helpful when it comes to hiding your tummy area, so watch out for these two things and you’ll find the perfect pair that will make you look and feel amazing in no time.

Final Words

That perfect pair of jeans is often hard to find, but if you follow our advice, we’re sure that you’ll have it in your wardrobe soon. Goxip has an amazing collection of jeans, so make sure to check them out and you may find that perfect pair in the next 10 minutes. Good luck!