Forgot Father’s Day? Five quick and easy gift ideas

The stress of finding a Father’s Day gift is one we understand all too well. Whether you completely forgot the date or are running out of time after holding out for the perfect gift, there are a number of last-minute presents that are ideal any dad’s taste. Here are five of our favourite ideas:

  1. Subscription boxes for extra convenience

The beauty of subscription boxes is that you don’t need to do much—simply pick a product that will appeal to your dad, sort out a delivery address, and wait for the monthly WhatsApp messages of thanks.

For foodie fathers, you might want to send a monthly selection of artisanal cheeses to sample. The team at The Cheese Geek have even curated a special box for Father’s Day that pairs a selection of craft beers with their award-winning cheeses. All you need to do is choose your package, whether it’s a one-off gift subscription or a longer term rolling subscription, and let them deal with the rest.

Maybe food isn’t your dad’s thing, but there is a whole range of subscription boxes out there to choose from. Take My Geek Box, a subscription that is tailormade for nerds. The box includes a choice of items from some of sci-fi and fantasy’s favourite fandoms. Typical items included are figurines, keyrings, mugs, pins, and a monthly limited edition t-shirt. Each box follows a specific theme, bundling up carefully selected merchandise from shows, comics, movies, and games.

2. DNA kits for history buffs

At-home ancestry kits are all the rage. More than 26 million people had taken a DNA test by the start of 2019. If your own father hasn’t taken a test, then this is the perfect option to join the ever-growing list of DNA-test consumers. Even better if he is a man who loves his history. He might be a brainbox on his World Wars and ancient civilisations, but does he know about his own heritage?

Many testing companies provide detailed reports on health, personality, and physical traits, while some can even connect you with possible relatives. You can even take advantage of a special Father’s Day discount at leading provider 23 And Me on their popular Health and Ancestry service. This can help your dad learn more about how his genes can influence his health, and read detailed reports on where his DNA originates, from over 1,000 regions around the world.

AncestryDNA is considered to be the best test for a more genealogical approach. Give your dad the chance to trace his family tree with just a small saliva sample, and get the reports back within 6-8 weeks. Each report will also give the option to connect with people around the world who have the closest DNA matches to you, letting you meet relatives you may not have even known about.

3. Tracking systems for sporty dads

If your dad is the sporty type, why not help him improve his game with a tracking system? For amateur tennis players, Zepp is on hand to monitor forehands, backhands and serves. The gadget lets you see how much power is generated in each stroke and across the whole game, sending each report to either a smartphone or tablet. It can even make suggestions on where improvements can be made.

If your dad fancies himself as PGA material, the Arccos Golf tracking system is the first AI platform to help golfers at any skill level. Arccos works by gathering statistics on every shot hit over a course, presenting them in a neat little report on a smart device. Sensors are plugged into the butt of each club and are used to track a player’s location on the course, as well as demonstrate where they have room for improvement. The system claims to improve a player’s handicap “46.7 times faster than the average golfer”, making it an essential piece of kit for any dad who enjoys hitting the links every so often.

4. Grooming kits for at-home pampering

Everyone needs to be pampered every once in a while, and whether your dad needs a whole new grooming kit or just a few staple pieces, there are plenty of brands and styles to choose from. Treat him to a new shaving set from Harry’s, which aims to provide affordable, simple razors through its subscription service. The first box includes a razor handle, five-blade cartridge, shaving gel, and travel cover, while each subsequent box offers refill blades and shaving foam. Even better, the first trial box is completely free—you just need to pay delivery.

If your dad is more into maintaining his facial hair rather than getting rid of it completely, the team behind Grizzly Adam deal in everything needed for a healthy and groomed beard. No matter his style, you can get every accessory your dad will need, from combs and scissors to balms, shampoos, and oils, ensuring he’s never left looking unkempt.

5. Limited edition alcohol for a boozy treat

For a special occasion like Father’s Day, you might want to splash out a bit for an indulgent tipple you know your dad will treasure. Whether he’s fond of wine, gin, whisky, or brandy, there’s plenty of limited edition or special bottles you can get hold of. If your dad is a whisky man, The Whisky Exchange offers a number of specific whisky sets for any fan. The Johnnie Walker Collection, for example, packages together four 20cl bottles from their current range, including Platinum Label 18-Year-Old, Black Label 12-Year-Old, Gold Label, and Blue Label.

If your dad is more of a craft beer guy, why not get one of the many ‘brew your own’ kits available on the market. Brewshop, for instance, offers some of the most easy-to-use brew kits which can help him make his own ale, stout, or cider. Each kit is reusable and includes everything needed to make a full gallon batch of all-grain beer.