A Guide to Selecting the Right Bangles

With so many occasions and tons of bracelets, it is hard to decide which one will you wear on your wrists? Is it sterling silver bangles or gold ornaments? At times, deciding the best bangles can be a tough decision, especially if you have no idea about the contrast and hues of your various outfits.

Bracelets really help express your style and personality and can make you look lovely. What makes these bangles attractive is the way we wear them. In fact, bracelets are one of the most elegant forms of jewelry that can enhance your look, and make you stand out from the crowd.

Just imagine one of the sterling silver bangles hanging around your wrist while you attend your favorite occasion? It is likely that many would love your appearance! Well, if you are really confused as to which bangle you should wear, then below is some guide to help you pick the right one.

Start With The Right Style

There are various styles and themes you can choose from when it comes to sterling silver bangles. For example, some bangles go best with dark colors while other look best with dresses of a lighter tone. The style you prefer will definitely affect your ultimate decision.

In short, you need to carefully decide the style that fits your wrist smoothly, while complementing your complexion. In addition, choosing the right designs and patterns is also something you should consider before actually paying for the product. Of course, not all women would like infinity bangles as everyone has unique preferences.

Choose The Right Width

Well, this might seems obvious, but many women don’t pay attention to the width of their bangles. It is the main reason they become tight and impossible to wear after some time, which is not something you want. Besides, if you are wearing sterling silver bangles that are too tight, they will likely block your blood flow.

Instead, go for ones that are a bit loose but doesn’t slip off your arm. Measure your wrist and wear some old bangles you already have to have a better understanding of your bracelet size. In other words, be cautious before paying for the bangles so that you don’t have to regret later.

Avoid Clashing With Other Accessories

It is natural for women to wear a necklace, earrings, and bracelets at the same time. After all, they amplify one’s beauty; they also make us look more appealing. However, when it comes to picking different items, women tend to overlook the fact that some accessories may not match the others.

When it comes to selecting the right bangles, it is obvious that they should match your overall style.

Additionally, it is also advisable to stick with one metal. This means that you shouldn’t wear a golden necklace with a silver bracelet as it will not look good. Besides, if you are wearing a wristwatch, make sure it goes well with your bracelet.

Keep It Comfortable And Classic

Keeping it classic is worth the effort! A black dress with a simple silver bracelet is the right thing for many of us. You don’t need to adorn both of your wrists with bangles if just one looks fine. Many women make the mistake of wearing several heavy bangles on their wrist and shoulders which ends up looking odd to most people.

In fact, finding the right fit for your wrist that is comfy is another element you should consider while searching for the right bangle. In other words, look for a bangle that looks comfortable to wear and is not heavy. How about covering your wrist with some simple and light bangles? They will look amazing.

Wrapping Up

As an end note, there are various factors women should consider before actually settling down on any sterling silver bangles. You shouldn’t just go and pick the one that looks nice and appealing, or the one with a low price tag.

Instead, choose the one that seems right for your wrist and is not too heavy or wide; so it does not slip away from your hands. But whichever you should pick, make sure that it suits your overall style and matches your dress to enhance your image.