Hats off to great fashion at Grand National Ladies Day

A day for elegance, colour, excitement and style, Grand National Ladies Day 2016 is the perfect pre-cursor to the big event of the week; the Grand National, takes place on Thursday 7th April to Saturday 8th April. The 40 runners and riders will compete for the coveted place in racing history with millions watching from around the world.

The 2nd day is Ladies Day and will be filled with the stunning combination of the silks of the jockeys complementing the silks, satins and bows of the lady race-goers all vying for the attention of the course officials. It’s certainly a day to impress as for the first time ever, there is a prize for the lady deemed to be the best dressed so if you have a ticket, look for a designer dress, a slinky skirt or a terrific trouser suit.

2016 fashion forecasts

With no dress code in place, it’s a blank canvas for those planning their outfit for their visit to Ladies Day at Aintree on Friday 8th April. There is the tip though this year from those organising the event to dress up to the nines as it’s a day to celebrate the sport of Kings and the last few years has seen a decline in visitors looking their best.

With this request in mind, choose an outfit which is comfortable, will look just as good when the last jockey of the day passes the finishing line as it does as you pass through the entrance gates and exudes personal style, charm and class.

Be weather aware


There’s no knowing what the weather will be on Ladies Day; some years it’s glorious sunshine and others it’s grey and pouring with rain. With this in mind, look to wear clothing which can be accessorised if it’s set to be cool such as the use of a natural wool pashmina perhaps or a fashion statement handmade lace shawl. Hats with feathers will soon look very sad in the rain so find a style which is classy and practical such as a fascinator with integrated wire design which won’t drop in bad weather.

Shoes need to be wearable all day and also be good on grass. Not wearing stilettos isn’t the end of the world; patent leather Chelsea boots with a trouser suit or flat sandals with a tea-length dress will show you know your fashions and you’ll not have blisters, sore feet or end up walking around with bare feet by the third race on the card.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Grand National Ladies Day 2016

Race organisers have been quoted as trying to match the look of Aintree to that of Royal Ascot and in a bid to promote Ladies Day as an ‘aspirational’ date on the calendar, there will be a prize of a £33,000 Range Rover and £8,000 in shopping vouchers to the best dressed female punter. Racegoers will be photographed on arrival and the winner later announced. With this in mind, it’s a good time to leave the midriff tops, thigh-high cut long dresses and skyscraper height stilettos at home and look at on-trend, glamorous designs.