How to choose an Engagement Ring

A lifelong worn piece of jewellery, an engagement ring is the centre piece to the hand as well as being the symbol of love and commitment.

There’s a ring for every pocket and it doesn’t matter how much or little you want to spend, it’s crucial to take the time to research the different designs, stone cuts and the quality of the craftsmanship of the company you want to buy from.

Here then are top tips to choosing the perfect engagement ring; particularly pertinent if you decide to shop online.


Researching and learning the basics about rings and their gemstones is the place to start. There are thousands of diamonds on the market at any one time and each one is completely unique. To find a great stone to set in a ring or a piece of jewellery already designed with the gemstone in place means finding out about the industry standards. These are called the 4 C’s:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Carat

Finding out what each means and how they – when combined – affect the quality and price of a diamond is absolutely essential.

Grading report; know what it means

Every diamond of quality should be certified and have a grading report. The price tag of the gem will largely depend on the outcome of the report which should have been carried out by an independent third party assessor.

Verify the grading report

When you buy online you need to satisfy yourself that you’re happy with every area of the quality and validity of the ring or stone you want to buy. If you were buying a car through an internet site you’d ask for a mechanical report and it’s the same when buying diamond jewellery.

When you are sent the report, it should match with the relevant industry database. This way you’ll know they item you’re buying is the same one detailed in the report.

Laser inscriptions

A laser inscription is sometimes added to a diamond as an enhanced security measure. Don’t worry about any thoughts that this may affect the look of the stone – the inscription is almost invisible to the naked eye. It could be that when you buy the ring the diamond already has a laser etching but one can be added after you’ve made the purchase if you’re concerned about loss or theft and there’s not already one on it.

If  you buy a diamond ring with the inscription already in place, it will normally be a series of digits which should match the number on the grading report. Have the stone assessed under a microscope by an expert  and this will mean it can be confirmed as being the same diamond as the one described in the report.

Get to know the seller

There’s so many loose diamonds or diamond engagement rings on the market, it’s wise to take your time and look at a number of sellers. When you’ve found the piece of jewellery you know will make her heart skip a beat when you go down on bended knee, find out more about the company you want to deal with.

A reputable jewellery expert won’t mind you asking questions and you can always find out more by looking at the thoughts of others such as this Ritani review.

The areas to ask about include:

  • how long have they been in business
  • examples of customer feedback
  • method of payment
  • how secure is the transaction
  • availability of customer service team
  • shipping times and method
  • returns policy

Buying an engagement ring is a once in a lifetime experience so take the time to look around, check out the experiences of others and when it is time to place the order you’ll know it will be just as stunning in real life as the image on the screen.