How to Have an Amazing Date in London

I’m going to write something here that you probably already know. But I really need to write it anyway to emphasise the whole point of this article. Trying to plan a date can be stressful! It doesn’t matter if it’s someone you’ve known for a while or someone you’ve only just met. The name of the game is impressing the other person, and that’s always a pretty nerve-wracking task to take up!

But the name of the game isn’t really to impress the other person, is it? Sure, there’s an element of that. But the point, really, is for both of you to have a good time. To have fun. That’s really the most important thing, here. And if you’re trying to plan a date in London, then you’re pretty much spoilt for choice. That doesn’t mean you should go to the obvious places, though.

Here’s a quick guide to having an amazing and unique date in the city of London. (We should note here that following this guide doesn’t guarantee an amazing date. After all, if the other person turns out to be a pillock, then there’s not much we can do about that. Sorry!)

A little music

Music concerts are a tricky one when it comes to dates. They’re obviously very fun, which makes the a prime candidate for a good night out. But they don’t often allow for a lot of time to think or talk. A more classical gig would probably solve that issue. But orchestral concerts are so formal, so expensive, so… stuffy, right? And they seem to last for hours and hours.


The Little Orchestra offers a great alternative. This fun ensemble plays in a bar and cafe setting with an informal dress code. The performances don’t last more than an hour, and are often followed by a jazz ensemble.

Good food

There are a bunch of good places to eat in London, as you surely know. Of course, the time of day in which the date is taking place will determine where you should go. If you’re meeting up in the afternoon, you may want something light. Why not make the lunch experience unique?


The chances are that the person you’re going on a date with likes cats. I say that because… who doesn’t like cats? Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium provides great food and some cats to hang out with. Of course, if you’re not quite feeling that, you can check the Gourmet Guide for other lunch and dinner options.

Hidden delights

You’re probably both pretty familiar with London. That’s why your focus should be on doing something really different when you go on a date. It helps the evening stick in the memory more. And even if one activity isn’t amazing, at least you both did something different!



So try putting focus on the more unusual places in London. There’s the Golden Bee, which offers a rooftop cinema along with decadent cocktails. Or if a rooftop isn’t high enough for you, try a helicopter ride. Nighttime London is a beautiful sight from the skies. And there’s also Isabella Street to consider, a gorgeous and secret location containing a little bit of everything you may need.

Good luck, lovebirds!