How To Live That Champagne Lifestyle On A Lemonade Wage

Whether you’re at university, a recent graduate or are working full time, it’s fair to say that everyone likes a little bit of glamour. Life can sometimes feel like an uphill slog, so the ‘treat yo’self!’ attitude has never been so relevant until now. However money, or lack of, can often put a stopper in our plans. The average university graduate will leave education with over £40,000’s worth of debt. The average 20-29 year old earns £20,900 a year (before tax is taken off). That might not seem like a bad figure, but the full average salary in the UK comes in at £27,600. Feeling ripped off yet?

You might be, and that’s not good. But, there are ways you can pamper yourself, have fun and live the dream and still have enough left over even after your rent’s been paid.

Don’t shop premium

Ever find yourself drawn to branded products and the ‘finest’ ranges in the supermarket? You’re not alone. A significant number of people buy only branded products because they think a brand means better quality. However, it may surprise you to learn that this is not strictly true. Take a jar of passata, for example (great for making pasta sauces with). The premium version at a popular supermarket costs £1.50 per 680g, whereas the value version is just 35p per box. That means that you could get four of the value versions for the same price as just one of the premium jars. Plus, the value version actually contains less fat too! Feeling converted yet?


Make use of offers

Offers and deals are everywhere these days – and sometimes it might feel a little overwhelming being surrounded by so many. But, taking the time to trawl through them can often prove fruitful. Storecards and clubcards can get you everything from a free meal to money off flights, and you can use Groupon promo codes for just about anything. Also consider buying something like a Tastecard (or asking for one as a birthday gift) if you eat out a lot. A Tastecard can get you 2-4-1 at a mix of both chain and independent restaurants – as long as you don’t mind switching date night to weekday, as most offers don’t work on weekends. It’s a small price to pay though, and with all that extra money you’ll save you can be one step closer to buying that dream item, or booking the ultimate holiday.


Sell things that you don’t need

Let’s face facts: most of us have way more stuff than we actually need. Clothes and beauty products are the worst offenders. A recent survey showed that out of 1500 women asked, 33% of them considered clothes to be ‘old’ after they had been worn less than three times. If you have some relics in your wardrobe that realistically aren’t going to see the light of day again, you may as well get some cash for them! Over 4 million people use eBay every month to sell items they no longer want or need. It’s super easy to make an account and all you have to do to keep you part of the bargain is send your items off on time. If eBay doesn’t prove fruitful for you, get some like-minded friends together and hold a clothes swap shop. You could end up with a fabulous new outfit you’ve not paid a penny for – Friday night sorted!