How To Make Your Daughter Feel Awesome About Herself

Body Acceptance

As Mothers, you have a huge impact on how your daughter feels about their bodies. Don’t obsess about your appearance or call yourself, or anyone else fat. As long as you both eat healthily and get enough exercise, there is nothing to worry about. You need to set the right example for her; this includes not trash talking other women either.

Teach Her The Secrets Of Media

Make sure she knows that everything she sees in magazines is photoshopped; they are not a real photo to compare themselves too. Even the girls they see on TV are covered with makeup (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), it’s just not a realistic representation of what a woman is.

Don’t Borrow Your Daughter’s Clothes

It is important to let her have her own style – her own look. This is hard enough to do already, especially in today’s society. So it wouldn’t be fair to take her clothes, it would be like taking away her individuality.

Get her some nice clothes when she’s little, something that is age appropriate like from the mustard pie sale, and from there, let her start choosing her own things.

Start Team Sports Early

Girls who play team sports tend to suffer less with low self-esteem because they are looking to other girls for their value, as opposed to looking to boys for validation.

Activities That Build Up Confidence

Get her involved in activities that build a sense of confidence, instead of something that focuses on looking good. Sports, theater, music, art, etc. Anything that can help girls express themselves through words or creativity and activity rather than through their appearance or what accessories they are carrying around.

Rethink Your Compliments

We need to make a very conscious effort to balance our compliments about a girl’s appearance, with compliments about who she is and what she actually does in the world, instead of telling her she looks great because she just put some makeup on. (You can see how the cycle works.) Instead, try and match every compliment you give about your daughter’s (or any girls) appearance with at least two compliments about something nothing to do with their appearance.

Dads: Don’t Treat Your Daughter Like A Damsel In Distress

When Fathers treat girls as if they are these fragile, helpless, little beings, the message they are sending them is that their role is to look good so that a man will sweep in and save them. We don’t want this! So instead, give her the opportunity and the tools to fix her bike, to use her voice and speak up for herself, to play sports, to be able to brush herself off and get back up. So to all the Dads out there, if you wouldn’t do it with your son, why are you doing it to your daughter?


She needs to know that you’ll love her no matter what and no matter how she looks. Whether she has short hair or long, whether she’s tall or small and if she wears glasses or not!