How you can turn your hobby into a great career

Making the most of your life is often a question of finding balance. Many people like to enjoy great quality food and drink, but if these aspects are not balanced out with exercise and healthy nutrition at other points, your health will suffer. Similarly, there is a need for people to find a balance in how they spend their time. It is important to work to bring in income but equally, you need to make sure that you have ways of relaxing. Having a hobby or interest allows you to unwind in your spare time but it should bring a wide range of benefits.

No matter what age you are or what your outlook on life is, having a hobby is important. Some of the most important reasons for having a hobby include:

  • De-stressing.
  • Developing new skills.
  • Meeting new friends.
  • Offering you a sense of achievement.
  • Boosting your confidence.
  • Having a positive impact on your health.

Of course, when it comes to balancing time for a hobby with the need to generate income, many people have found ways to turn their hobby into a career. There are many great sayings and proverbs that advocate doing a hobby as your career, with one of the most suitable being: “If you can create income with a hobby, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

The ease of turning your hobby into a career will often depend on what you like and what you do in your spare time. There are some hobbies that lend themselves to monetisation better than others, but there are many ways in which you can turn your favourite pastime into a way to generate income. There is also a need to develop skills and ensure your hobby represents something that others will want to buy.

If you are looking for ideas as to what hobby you can do to make money and develop a career, there is no shortage of inspiration.

Knitting / arts and crafts

There has been a boon in people selling their knitted or arts and craft creations. The development of the internet has provided platforms for people to sell their goods online with a minimum of fuss or effort. If you can create knitted products or personalised jewellery, there is a market looking to buy your products. Pinterest and Facebook are filled with examples of craft lovers who developed their hobby into a career.


Writing is something that a great number of people all around the world do for fun, entertainment and amusement. However, there are many ways in which you can use your writing skills to generate income. There are numerous websites that pay for articles and there has been a rise of micro-job sites where clients pay for individual articles. Anyone looking to utilise their skills in a more professional manner may decide to become a freelance writer or a freelance journalist. Whether you set up by yourself or work through an agency, you’ll find that writing provides many opportunities to use your hobby as a career.

An example of a writer who has developed a career out of their hobby is Alison O’Riordan. Alison channelled a life-long love of words and writing into a career, which has seen her serve as a journalist for a range of newspapers and media outlets. Being able to get a message across and connect with people is a skill that many writers have and develop, and this way of working has enabled Alison to make a career out of her hobby.


Even if you don’t have the opportunity to become a full-time photographer, there are many sites that pay for images. Whether this is through the site using your work or you making your images available for licencing, you’ll find that skilled photographers can generate a good level of income with their pictures and photographs.

Photography is a hobby that can be scaled up and there is demand for skilled photographers in many areas and disciplines. Wedding photographers, sporting photographers, music event photographers and photographers who capture and chronicle everyday life can work for themselves or find roles with news agencies, providing a range of employment options for people who enjoy using their camera.

Other examples of hobbies that can be turned into a career include:

  • Impersonations
  • Fitness routines.
  • Watching films.
  • Baking.

As long as you approach your hobby in a professional manner, you will find it can generate income.