Have I Found My Dream Home?

You know the old saying; ‘You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.’ Well, that’s exactly how I feel about my old house. It was a little, old place out in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by fields. If that already sounds perfect then you are on my wavelength.

I moved out of it about three years ago to move closer to work and reduce the ninety-minute drive each morning and then the same back again. I’d only lived in the house for four years, but I knew it was the best house I would ever live in. Even then.

To say it was an old farm house would be to pay it a huge injustice. The building was an old farm house, but the home inside had a warm, vibrant and modern feel. The walls were so thick that in the summer it kept itself cool and in the winter it managed to keep us warm.

The dogs would roam the acre of walled back garden and then just stroll through the house, they had no sense of being confined and we never shut the back door, so they had complete freedom to come and go as they please.

The big downside was that we knew we could never afford to buy the house and the land outright so would never own such a lovely building. We had to move out to buy and downsizing was the only option. A quick chat to the people at Slater & Gordon and we knew what our realistic options were.

It’s not that we didn’t have good jobs, but more that we weren’t millionaires and hadn’t recently won the lottery.

Maybe the thing I miss most about the house, isn’t even the house, but the gardens. There were two different back gardens and one huge front field. The gardens had three apple trees in them but we rarely got to actually eat any of the apples. There was this flock of birds which would sit in the trees all day and feast on the fruits. We never minded purely because when we got home from work, I would make a few cups of coffee or glasses of wine and then the two of us would sit in the lounge chairs in the garden and without saying a word, just lay back and listen to the chatter of the birds. It was the perfect end to a stressful day of work.

The house had it’s flaws and the hot water would either be volcanic or ice cold, but you treated these as the price you would pay for the privilege of living in the middle of nowhere. The drive was pot-holed and was always in need of repair, but it had the benefit of keeping unwanted guests away.

Looking back on it, the house was perfect for where we were at, at that time. Now there are kids on the scene and we kind of need hot showers, our current home has become our dream house. It’s quirks and features are warming their ways into our hearts.

Here is a Homelet e book for those of you who is currently looking for their dream home. Good luck!