Ideas and Tips for the Best Custom-Made Prom Dress

The prom night is one of the most looked forward to events of students, especially the young ladies. It’s the time where they can wear formal dresses, doll-up and have a fun time with their friends. If you are having your prom this year, one of the most important things to prepare is your dress. The earlier you start shopping, the better because it’s something that you don’t want to rush if you want to find the perfect one. 

While there are ready-made dresses that you can find, you may want to consider the option of having one custom-made. With this, you will have a dress that you really like, one that fits you perfectly, and is specially made for you. It will typically cost more than one that is not bespoke, but with all the benefits that you can get, if you have the budget, then it will be worth the price. Here are some tips for having a custom-made prom dress.

Browse for design ideas

If you already have a specific design in mind, then that’s fantastic. Communicate with your designer about the specific details that you want in your dress. However, if you are undecided or you don’t have a clear idea of what you want, that’s okay because you can browse available prom dresses on the Internet for inspiration. Take a screenshot or download photos of the ones that you find interesting. Determine what you like best about those dresses and you can incorporate them into your own prom dress. 

Consider the style

There are different styles of dresses to choose from and the best style for you is one that will complement your figure and most of all one that will give you confidence and comfort. For instance, an A-line style of dress is generally flattering for all body types, although it’s most beneficial to those whose problem areas are waste down. If you have a big bust, one with support such as a corset type dress will be a great option. Try different styles of dresses just to have an idea which will look best on you. 

Choose the right colour

Just as there are dress styles that will look best on you, there are also certain colours that will make you look better than the others. Determine that shade and consider using that for your prom dress. Your dress colour can also say something about your personality. For example, if you are bold and confident, eye-catching shades like red are ideal options. 

Get the perfect size

One of the good things about custom-made prom dresses is that you can make them fit like a glove. Get the right measurement to ensure that you have the perfect size. It will not be a problem if you are having yours made in a local shop where you can visit. However, if you opt to have it done online, be sure to check their sizing guide to ensure that you select the right size. 

Select the appropriate material

There are different materials to choose from and you can even get fabric online. Your choice of material will be a huge factor in the overall look of your dress. For instance, if you want to have more movement, you can opt for flowy materials, or if you want more structure, you may choose ones that are stiffer. 

Make sure that you have ample time to do a final fitting to ensure that adjustments can be made on time.