It’s All In Your Jeans: How To Pick The Best Denim

Worn casual or smart, denim jeans are one of the most versatile pieces a man can wear. But shopping for the perfect new pair can be tricky. Sadly, many British men have wardrobes full of denim they no longer want to wear. Testament to this, research by the Daily Express showed that British men are likely to spend a lot on the garments, but due to fashion-related factors, are only wearing two pairs on a regular basis.

According to their research, most men will spending up to £1,700 on jeans in their lives, but limit which ones they wear due to changes in weight, style and popular fashion.

Avoid digging through shelves, or scrolling through page after page to find the best jeans. Follow this essential guide to male denim and only buy jeans you’re going to be happy with for decades ahead.

Style: Goodbye skinny jeans

With an abundance of jeans to choose from, it can be easy to get lost in the ever expanding denim department for men. One thing’s for sure: The skinny look’s days are numbered. Instead, the slim-fit style has become popular according to a YouGov study on men’s fashion choices for jeans.

The slim fit even looks good on heavier thighs, as the tapered ankle elongates and slims the silhouette.

Similar to the slim fit, is the straight fit jean. These are narrower below the knee, but are not skin tight, like skinny jeans. The leg opening is slightly wider than skinny jeans, bringing more comfort, and a relaxed look.

The tapered jean which is a softer revision of the straight cut jean, is also a popular choice. It looks cool, and more flattering than skinny jeans. Taper jeans skim around the leg and fit nicely around the thighs and calves, allowing for a streamlined look and for added comfort.

Material: Going for raw denim

If you’re looking for more sturdy, durable and reliable jeans, then raw denim is the best pick. What makes it unique is its ability to mould to the wearer’s body shape over time. Additionally, raw denim will continue to look great over the course of decades.

Raw denim may get better with age, but it must be taken good care of. Washing raw denim isn’t quite the same as washing your regular store denim jeans. In fact, Mr Black recommend not to indulge in washing raw denim, or to at least avoid washing it for a long time. The absence of the washing process allows the raw denim to maintain its dark colour.

Hot right now: The 90s are in

With 90s style fashion enjoying a revival, the distressed jean has made a comeback.This style of jean is slightly loose, which makes it a great choice for comfort and as a go-to jean.

Another 90s style jean that has returned to the world of denim are jeans with a lighter wash. A popular choice for Summer 2017, this year has seen a shift from darker to lighter washes. Lighter wash jeans have enjoyed popularity this summer, and the trend is set to continue. This style of jean makes for a bolder, braver statement compared to jeans with darker washes which have always been the prefered style.