Keep the Views Coming in by Staying Glam on Cam

Living in the digital age means that the internet has given birth to many new ways of entertainment and even careers. Whether you have a big video interview coming up or you’re looking to get into the world of live streaming on Twitch or YouTube, we all know that looking great on webcam isn’t the easiest feat. Fear not; we are here to help you to look as glam as you can on cam with some simple beauty tips.

Fix Your Surroundings

One of the main things that makes us look unusual on webcams is the fact that they aren’t in the best location, so they give a very unflattering upwards angle. If you’re sat at your desk, you need to make sure that the webcam is at eye level to you, or maybe even slightly above. By looking up at the camera instead of down, it will slim down your face and make the audience feel as though they are in a real-life conversation with you. Also, tidy up the room you will be in and allow natural light in if possible to add a brighter ambiance for flattering light, and try not to sit in front of a window as you will be far too silhouetted for your audience to properly see you. You will find a lot of popular beauty YouTubers such as Zoella have well-lit backgrounds which soften their faces and create a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Since your face is what will be in frame the entire time, getting your makeup right is a crucial part to looking good on your stream. You must avoid dark or bright lipsticks and eyeshadows as they will not come across well on camera and will look exaggerated. Instead, you want to go for a defined yet natural look, so try to accentuate your features and be sure to blend properly; you don’t want to look streaky. A great example of these beauty tips in action is for live dealers on online casinos such as Genting Casino, as they stream some of their table games, so looking like professional casino staff is a must. They always have a natural yet elegant amount of makeup on to accentuate their facial features, which is exactly what you should be aiming for.


Whether you are preparing for a video interview or a live streaming event, looking good is very important, as it shows your audience that you take pride in your appearance. Looking smart is crucial to making a good impression, so go for a hairstyle that shows your face clearly, such as a high bun or a side braid. Hairstyles with volume look great on camera, so for the bun, try to pull some of the hair around your face to add lift, and for the braid, try rubbing it between your hands to create a little bit of frizz for texture. These can help accentuate your features by slimming your neckline and making your profile look longer.

Looking good on webcam is indeed possible, and by following these tips you will be well on your way to bagging that job or becoming the next big thing in the world of online streaming.