Liverpool Has More Than Just a Few Beatles to Offer

It seems that you can not mention Liverpool without dropping in the Beatles, so we thought we’d throw it out there straight away. In a city which is so synonymous with the musical legends, there are still opportunities to experience a great time and avoid the musical stylings of the Fab Four.

Liverpool One is one of the newest places in town and it’s where we spent last Saturday.

It’s not your typical shopping centre. Yes; it has everything you would expect in a standard shopping centre. There’s almost every shop you could possibly think of. From Apple and Argos, through Disney, Hugo Boss and John Lewis, all the way up to Urban Outfitters and Zara. Shopping your way through two levels of the finest merchants will tire anyone out, let alone when you are being taken around by your better half.

It’s the little touches which make Liverpool One stand out from the rest of the city and differentiate it from all other shopping centres.

The Terrace is a huge draw. It’s a different take on just putting restaurants in one section. The Terrace is a place to go and eat, it’s a location, a setting, a unique experience in the surrounds of Liverpool. There really isn’t much to complain about when you walk down the terrace and choose your restaurant. As you would expect from all Liverpool restaurants there is the whole range and something for everyone.

Even though there are enough take-away options to keep everyone happy, we chose to sit down and eat. Walking through the Terrace, we spotted a stylish little restaurant called The Club House. It’s styled on a Hampton’s Club House with fake grass, long benches and tables and square flower pots. It’s all very much what we would expect to see if we were in the real Hamptons and what we’ve seen on TV.

The best part of The Club House is the balcony upstairs overlooking the rest of the restaurant. There’s a bit more privacy and the view is loads better from the added height. It makes you feel just that little bit special, that you are one of only three tables up there.

I think that as soon as we sat down, it almost instantly became our favourite place to eat. And we have tried a lot of Liverpool’s finest restaurants. The Club House offers a little touch of class and sophistication, but it doesn’t demand it or make you dress up to enjoy their atmosphere.

I think the best thing we found about The Club House was that we didn’t even really plan to be heading out for dinner and had no reservation and no expectations. Instead, I had really spent too long shopping and the other half had managed to spend too much shopping, that we needed the break.

Sitting down and just relaxing was the best way to spend the night. It just became a chilled night out with great food and a great atmosphere. It’s definitly worth checking out next time you’re walking through Liverpool One.