How to Look Hot at the Gym

Whether you’re a dedicated gym rat or just do it because you know you have to keep healthy, working out should be a part of all of our routines. But finding motivation isn’t the easiest thing and you will find yourself lacking it more often than you think. And while there’s plenty of ways to get motivated, including inspiration boards, buddying up and paying for classes in advance, a great and quite simple way is to make sure you look great while at the gym. So let’s see how you can look hot while working out.


  • Get your sweat on

The first rule is: don’t be afraid of sweat. It will happen whether you like it or not and it’s perfectly normal. In fact, it shows how hard you’re working and there aren’t many things hotter than that. Don’t wear any foundation while you’re exercising, because it will clog your pores and melt off with the sweat. Simply keep a small towel by your side and wipe the sweat off when you feel it coming on. Next, wearing bright colors won’t do you much good. Patterns are your best friend since they will conceal sweat stains, and darker bottoms are usually a must (let’s face it – butt sweat isn’t sexy). Try to stick to the so-called dry materials which are specifically made not to retain moisture, because not only does sweat look bad, it’s not pleasant to work in a wet T-shirt.

  • Have the right undergarments

Forget about thongs and lacy bras – this is the time to get active. Firstly, your underwear: find something that is completely comfortable, doesn’t fall down and get sucked in and is generally stretchy. The material should keep you dry and prevent chafing. Secondly, your bra. Everyone should have a sports bra by now, but the kind of sports bra you wear will differ greatly. You can get a regular shaped sports bra if you’re not being too active and are wearing something on top, but if you are going through military-style training, you’re going to need something that will keep you so tight you will feel flat-chested.

  • Workout clothes

What you wear during your workouts will greatly depend on what you’re doing during the workout, so make sure you know in advance what class you’re taking or what you’re going to be doing. You don’t want to be in a cycling class in pretty workout booty shorts, but they are perfect for lifting weights or yoga, where you really want to see your muscles and your lines. Anything long and flowy should stay out of the gym, because getting caught in the equipment will not only look embarrassing, but it can also cause injury. On top, you can certainly stay just in your sports bra, or wear a sports tank top. The days of oversized sweatshirts worn to the gym are over – and they weren’t doing much for your shape in the first place. Remember that layers can look great, and keeping your body warm until you’re warmed up from the inside is equally important.

  • Makeup

Generally, you shouldn’t be wearing makeup at the gym. It will smudge, melt and clog your pores, not allowing you to breathe and be comfortable. It’s okay to feel self-conscious, but you should remember that at the gym, nobody is looking at what you’re doing, just like you are focusing on your own routine. If you do want to wear some enhancements, water- and smudge-proof makeup such as mascara, eyeliner and brow pencils will do the trick. Don’t ever wear foundation to a workout, especially not a powder one, because it will mix with sweat, cake up on your face and look appalling. Don’t wear perfume, because it can give a funky scent when mixed with sweat, but wear a natural deodorant that is lightly scented. Style your hair however you’d like, but keep it out of your face if you don’t want it glued there with sweat.

So, the next time you go to the gym, make sure you are focusing on your exercise, not on your looks. However, to make sure your mind is at ease, follow these tips and you will be sure that you are looking good while working hard on looking even better.