Makeup Bag Refresh

January is here and if you’re anything like us then you will be trying to have a healthy month, save the pennies and give that much-abandoned gym a bit of a seeing to this month.

Whilst you’re looking after number one, have you spared a thought for your make up bag? You use it every day and you probably wouldn’t leave the house without some of the products in its contents and, yet it hasn’t had a clean out since the beginning of time. Well, why not take some time to give it a much-needed detox and streamline the products so you have the essentials on hand when you need them.

This guide to refreshing your makeup bag for 2018 might make the prospect of a clean out a little less daunting as we help you figure out which of the products you need to keep, replace or bin!


The brushes and tools which you use to apply your makeup are just as important as the makeup itself. You cleanse your face every day. But how often do you wash the makeup brushes you use on your skin? Once a month? Once a year? Never?

From dead skin cells and bacteria to dirt, dust and product build-up, all manners of things can accumulate on the end of a make-up brush. How you store them can contribute, too.

We recommend you use a makeup brush cleansing solution to clean your brushes. If you are only using your brushes on yourself then give them a good clean twice a week. If you suffer from skin breakouts, have any cuts or grazes or have an eye infection then you must clean your brushes every day.


When you shop for mascara the chances are and like most women, you never think of composition and you just I look at the applicator and if it has the right ‘look’ for you. What you want to avoid is a horribly fibrous product which will drop and crumble throughout the day. Once you have chosen your product, you shouldn’t use it for more than three months as this can mean that bacteria builds and can trigger eye infections, the products also dry out and are less effective.



We are all probably quite confident that our makeup bags are well stocked, but do you have a highlighter? This magic lightening wand is an all-year-round essential for anyone looking to achieve naturally radiant skin.  Tapped on top of your make up in key areas this product can make your skin look smooth, cushioned and radiant.

The bag

After you have refreshed the content of your makeup bag it is important to think about the vessel which your shiny clean products are stored in. Take the time to do a deep clean of your makeup bag – turn it inside out and rinse it under the tap with some soap or shampoo to get rid of the majority of the makeup stains. If it is machine washable, chuck it in the machine with your dark wash and it should come out sparkling.