Manor House Weddings in Cardiff

When you have let all of the celebrations and excitement of the proposal die down, when you’ve told all of your friends and you’ve let both of the families know. Then when you have posted a photo of the ring on social media, so that your work colleagues can find out when they stalk you. Then the serious business starts.

It is when this peak of joy has started to rescind and you come down to the comfort of living as a couple who are engaged, that you can finally realise that you have a wedding to plan.

It is going to have to be the best and the greatest. Whilst everyone fully expects you to do your wedding in your own way, they still have their expectations.

Everyone will assume the white dress, they will assume the Groom’s boring suit, they will even assume the church venue.

That’s the problem with people and their assumptions, they never seem to be right.

Why should we all stick to the copy and paste weddings which every other person has. Why should we fit in with what our great-great-grandparents’ thought was the perfect ceremony? We should be planning our day, it’s our perfect wedding day, not what we think other people will like.

So, find the perfect  Wedding Venue Cardiff has to offer. Do not just stump up for the nearest church or village hall you can find. Avoid the normal and the traditional and find a place which actually works for you. Find one where you can be weird and quirky, one where you can design your own day.

It seems that this is a foreign concept to a lot of the wedding planners and websites we’ve come across. The whole notion that the wedding needs to be anything instead of making it just right for the couple involved.

Your wedding will take you months and maybe even years to plan, book and create. You will be thinking of it for every weekend from the second the engagement ring has hit the finger right up until the cake has been cut at the reception. Then for the next forty years, you will be remembering how good it was. How the chocolate fountain might have been the messiest thing ever, but it was the perfect solution to the hunger pains at three in the morning.

Move the venue away from a church and you have the ability to create your unique wedding. The church has the benefits of centuries of traditions, but it has the hindrance of centuries of traditions. The freedom to create your own experience in another venue is half of the allure. You can see what you think will shape the venue, what you would want to bring in to the venue and most importantly, where that massive bouncy castle will go…

The venue sets the tone for the whole wedding and is the pictorial backdrop to all of your wedding photos. Choose wisely, but choose one which suits your desires.